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‘Gina’, by Maria Climent, between malaltia and maternitat

Coma bona lletraferida i com a clar exponent de la seva generació, Maria Climent (Amposta, 1985), a translator of training, has many different links related to language and communication, and today is the life of a translator and translator. community manager. One day li will diagnose a neurodegenerative malaltia and the metge li will say that, If I were to be mare again, I would have been aleshores.

D’aquesta situated viscuda neix the fiction that tells the novel·la Gina (L’Altra Editorial), the promising debut literari. "Els neuròlegs In fact, I would say that if I had a fill in the Tingue aleshores, I would like to see that there were incompatible vindrien. It will be a whore, but also in sowing a good premise for a novel, ”recalls Climent.

I was also a parlar de l’opció, so that I can fall in love with D’algú independentment del gènere ”

“Always havia volgut escriure, but ho portava amagat. Em vaig join a workshop d’escriptura de
amb Eva Piquer, in which she will invite the digital magazine to collaborate, what will happen to anyone, will encourage a novel, ”he says.

He insisted that the premise is true and that he later lost it. “Situo l’acció between the delta de l’Ebre, Barcelona and Paris. Soc del delta de l’Ebre and I have started to do that conec molt, and the protagonist of the multiple sclerosi tea, as it is a thing that I connect ”.

“The free infertility board, which is a theme that is molt amagat and gifts not in parlen. A donation t'anuncia that is three months però darrere d'això potser hi hagut an infern to be able to get pregnant –details–, and at the end it is narrated, through dunes cartes, each intent fallit: aquest mes tampoc, that month tampoc ”.

Són cartes that I wrote to the seva French friend, l'Elizabeth, but I did not send them, to the llarg of tot a process of diverse ambitions and ben sorprenents to arrive at l'embaràs. “Quan vaig began writing, I didn't know how the book would end, but I did count again A girl is fa great, she is an adult, pren responsabilitats, and of cop is once surpassed by a malaltia that does not cure, but the press d’haver-se to be pregnant ”.

It was also parlar “de l’opció that en puguem enamorar d’algú independentment del gènere”, but considers that It's not a novel. The protagonist mateixa no sap ben bé què li passa amb la seva amiga.

La Gina is a girl who has not lost her life, but she also causes a negative, "but if it doesn't happen, she won't have the right decisions," says l'autora. To express that there is a moment that tot s’esguerra però, tot i així, Climent ho explains amb força humor: “Se’n riuoughnt d’ella mateixa i de tot. Despite explaining a drama, Gina is able to be happy"

He is a novel·la amb soundtrack that evolves between the protagonist: "Hi there is a list to l'Spotify", punctualitza. Reconeix influeències literàries ben variades, com Pepe Colubi, Carlo Padial, Juan José Millàs, Sònia Moll, Martí and Pol … “Hi there is a poetic part, but also humorous. The best favorite is
Més or menys jo
, from Miquel Duran, per com està narrat. He is physically and has no fetch. ”

The Gina parla amb l'accent of the delta de l'Ebre, com l'autora, but is passed to the standard with some interlocutors: "Ho fa amb l'Elizabeth, per exemple, perquè li sembla that així is more sophisticated" . Of fet, the region is gairebé a personatge: “The Delta is home, it is a lloc molt estimat, molt intens, per les coses bones i les dolentes ”, conclou.

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