April 20, 2021

Gijón dismisses Arturo Fernández, his heartthrob

Thousands of people from Gijón, along with representatives of Asturian politics and culture, went to the Jovellanos theater in Gijón on Friday to give their last farewell to actor and theater entrepreneur Arturo Fernández, the gallant of Spanish theater par excellence, who died yesterday in the 90's years in Madrid.

The coffin with the mortal remains of Fernández, born in Gijón on February 21, 1929, arrived at the gijon arena around 2.30 pm and there it remained covered with a Spanish flag and surrounded by a dozen wreaths, next to a photo of the actor.

The burning chapel will last, in principle, until 22:30 hours, so that their neighbors can give their last goodbye to a lover who will be buried tomorrow in his hometown, after the funeral to be held at the church of San Pedro .

The heat has not been an obstacle for thousands of people from Gijon to have spent all afternoon by the Jovellanos to say goodbye to the actor who with his grace of a theatrical gallant endorsed the tagline "chatín" and "chatina", which reached all of Spain through television series such as "The house of trouble".

Conchita González, 67, was the first to arrive at the Jovellanos Theater at 1:30 pm to say goodbye to the "gallant of gallants" who was always proud of Gijón.

In fact, the actor is a favorite son of the Villa since 1994, an honor to which he added four years later the title of Oviedo of adoption.

"He had Gijón in his soul," said Paz Menéndez while he waited his turn to pay tribute to the actor, while Esther Rodríguez, who saw him for the last time on stage two years ago, remarked shortly after that he always promoted his land.

For all those who have come to the Jovellanos has had words of thanks the actor's middle son, Arturo Fernandez Sensat, who has said that his father "never left Gijón" and "if there has been someone who has taken Asturias and Gijón it was always him. "

Fernandez Sensat, who has assured that in his house there was always cider and fabes for the morraña that the actor never undid, has admitted that if he was known as a gallant will be for something, although in his opinion it was for his "way to understand a type of theater. "

Faces of the world of Asturian politics have also joined the farewell that Madrid gave yesterday to the actor in the funeral chapel of the funeral of La Paz for which passed faces like the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida, the president of Atlético de Madrid and film producer Enrique Cerezo, or the actress and presenter Norma Duval.

"He went through all the stages the name of Asturias, his Asturianía and its specific link with Gijón," said the president of the Principality, Javier Fernández, who has revealed that he met the actor, a person full of energy who always had projects.

After the minute of silence, which has brought together representatives of PSOE, Cs, PP, Foro and Vox and has ended with a round of applause in honor of Fernández, the mayor of Gijón, the socialist Ana González, has indicated that the actor was a "deep gijonés" that "took the name of Gijón by all those places where it acted with true pride".

The spokesperson of the PP in the General Meeting, Teresa Mallada, has described the actor as "one of the best" artists and representatives of Gijón, while the mayor of Oviedo, Alfredo Canteli, has affirmed that "something would have" when in spite of being Gijonés Oviedo did it from Oviedo in 1998.

Arturo Fernández, who devoted 68 of his 90 years to the theater, participated in numerous film productions such as "The girls of the Red Cross" or "Since dawn he fancies" and television, among which "Truhanes", a television version of the homonymous movie, or "The house of the messes".

In his theatrical career include titles such as "The roller coaster", "Pato a la naranja", "Smoking", "The men do not lie" or "High seduction", comedy with which he has toured Spain in the months prior to his death.

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