May 13, 2021

Gijn’s criminal left the woman in agony for minutes after stabbing her – La Provincia

Lorena Dacuña, the woman found dead this Monday at her home in La Calzada, in Gijón, with two stabs in the stomach, he agonized for several minutes before he died, as can be seen from the first autopsy data, to which he has had access New Spain.

The investigation, for now, remains open because the whereabouts of the victim’s ex-partner, who remains the main suspect in the crime, are unknown. The victim, a 41-year-old cleaning employee, he had broken his relationship with the now escaped in November. “He did not take it well and harassed her through social networks and called her at all times, but we never thought that he could do something like that,” said Francisco José Dacuña, brother of the Gijón. Although he acknowledges that the guilt of the man has not yet been proven, he stressed that “there are not many more options”. The researched is in search and capture in and out of Asturias.

Dacuña’s body was located shortly after noon on Monday by several relatives and friends, who entered his home on Callao street number 6 with his brother’s keys. They were the first to see the bleeding body of the woman lying on her side in her bed. “They also saw two knives, although we still do not know if they are the ones he used or not, and his mobile phone, which was as a section of it, “said the brother.

“That’s what I recommend, that I could not ask for help. Whether he killed her in another place or there, I don’t think he died instantly so he should have given him time to call. We believe he was with her since he stabbed her until she died, “he said.

The alleged culprit responds to the initials J. M. S. M. and the woman’s environment estimates that she is over 45 years old. He met the now deceased eight years ago, when he worked as a waiter in a cider house in Moreda. According to the friends of Dacuña, the man moved to his apartment a short time later, although she “took a long time” to tell them about him. First they searched for an apartment in El Natahoyo and then they moved to La Calzada. Over time, especially after the breakup, he began to trust them with more details about their relationship. “It took a long time to tell us about the problems I had with him, many of us didn’t even know anything,” said several coworkers during the minute of silence that Brillastur – company in which the victim worked – welcomed at noon.

This investigated man should have come to work last Sunday in a cider house on Luis Braille Street, but he did not. Since then, the owners of the premises, who are also hoteliers, are not able to contact him or his boss, who has been the tenant of the establishment for two months.

Gijonesa was definitely lost the trail on Sunday. On Friday he left work at noon and spoke in the afternoon with Ana Menes, a pre-retired colleague from the same company and one of her closest friends. “I was going to Deva and I just wanted to tell her that if I ran out of coverage over the weekend, I would talk to her on Monday,” he explained. It is also known that on Saturday night he went out with another woman, which according to Menes is also a work colleague, although they did not maintain such a close relationship.

“I think he improvised it on the same day, because he didn’t tell me anything,” she said. Dacuña, however, did notify his other group of friends on Saturday that he would have to cancel his plans to visit the Gijon trail on Sunday because he planned to go out for a drink that day. Overnight, the women met two men and there are audio messages to other friends in which they recognized that both were “very heavy” and “did not leave them”. “But as far as we know, each one went home later; it had to be later,” Menes said.

The National Police, which calls the case a “priority”, is looking for new evidence in the Dacuña car, which was actually in the name of the escape, and on his mobile phone. He also tries to rebuild his last hours of life. In these tasks are members of the Family and Women Unit (Ufam), Specialized and Violent Crime Unit (Udev) and Judicial and Scientific Police. The Cabueñes funeral home on Wednesday welcomes at 13.00 the celebration of the word to say goodbye to the deceased, which will be buried in the municipal cemetery of Deva.

His brother: “Lorena gave me the keys that he took from him”

Sunday is when doubts begin to arise, because Dacuña’s sister-in-law called her at around 9 pm and she didn’t answer. “The truth is that during the weekend we do not talk much because each one has more or less his life, so when he did not take it we do not worry too much. We wanted to ask him if he could take care of our daughter for work issues,” the brother specified. “I still think he could have killed her perfectly in the morning or in the early morning of the previous day and he had all that day to flee, “he said.

The total alarm jumped when Dacuña did not go to work early Monday morning, a very unusual behavior in her. “I was entering at four in the morning to clean up Lavachel’s ship and several portals. We thought he had fallen asleep,” Menes reasoned. Before 11.00, her absence had no explanation, so the companion contacted this pre-retired woman, who told a childhood friend that she knew the family.

They got together this friend’s boyfriend, sister-in-law, another close friend and an uncle of the deceased. “We went to bite him home and he didn’t answer, but his car was there,” said this group. “Then we went to the cider house where he works and they told us that he had not appeared since Sunday; there we got the worst“They added.” At twelve my wife called me and I told her that I had a copy of the keys; Lorena had given them to me recently, when he took them from him, and so we could get in, “Dacuña completed. By then, the same entourage was already heading to the police station, but turned around to return to Dacuña’s home and confirm their worst suspicions


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