Ghosn's wife left Japan after refusing to talk to the prosecution

Ghosn's wife left Japan after refusing to talk to the prosecution

The wife of former Nissan Motor and Renault president Carlos Ghosn, who was detained in Japan for alleged tax fraud, left that country after refusing to speak voluntarily with the Tokyo prosecutor's office, local news agency Kyodo reported.

Carole Ghosn left Japan on Friday night and arrived in Paris the next morning, sources close to the case told the aforementioned newspaper, which reported late Sunday.

The Tokyo prosecution wanted to question the employer's wife about a series of transfers that Ghosn had ordered from Nissan to a distributor in Oman and the suspicion that part of the funds were diverted to a company controlled by her and used for personal use. , among them the purchase of a private yacht.

After Carole refused to speak voluntarily with the prosecutors, they filed a request with a court to question her as a witness, although it is not clear if she will appear before a Japanese court, given her departure from the country.

When Ghosn, 65, was arrested again last Thursday, authorities seized documents in his home, as well as his wife's computer, mobile phone and Lebanese passport, which left Japan using his US passport, they said. the aforementioned sources.

In an interview with "Le Journal du Dimanche", the ex-director's wife said he left Japan because he feared for his safety.

Carlos Ghosn was arrested for the first time on November 19, 2018 accused of having hidden from the financial authorities of Japan millionaire indemnities supposedly agreed with Nissan.

His last arrest was made less than a month after he was released on bail and less than 24 hours after announcing that he would hold a press conference on April 11.

Ghosn weigh three formal charges, two for concealing millionaire compensation allegedly agreed with Nissan, and a third of abuse of confidence of the company for allegedly using their funds to cover personal losses and make payments, unjustified for the company, a Saudi businessman .

The Tokyo court hearing the case last Friday approved the prosecution's request to extend the former prisoner's provisional detention until April 14 while investigating the new charges against him and weighing a fourth indictment.


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