Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

Ghosn will receive a retirement of 765,000 euros a year from Renault

Ghosn will receive a retirement of 765,000 euros a year from Renault

The former president of Renault, Carlos Ghosn, replaced since January 24 by the accusations of having committed irregularities in front of Nissan, has asserted his rights to retirement in Renault, which will receive at the rate of 765,000 euros per year.

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A spokeswoman for Ghosn told Efe on Wednesday that Ghosn has been retired since he left the reins of Renault and confirmed the figure of 765,000 euros a year that had revealed the station "France Info".

In an account that has just opened on Twitter, the former manager - in liberty under judicial control without being able to leave Japan since March 6 after three and a half months imprisoned in that country - announced that he is "ready to tell the truth about what is happening "and that will give a press conference next day 11.

In France, unlike what happens in Japan, it is not imputed. But Renault has transmitted to the court elements suspected of possible irregularities related to its wedding at the Palace of Versailles and with millionaire transfers to a vehicle distribution company in Oman.

Renault, which has scheduled a meeting of its board of directors on Wednesday, can not legally oppose the payment of Ghosn's pension, but according to "France Info" it could refuse to pay part of its fixed remuneration of one million euros in 2018 because he was not physically in France while he was imprisoned in Japan since November 19.

According to the broadcaster, it could also oppose paying him, at least partially, the variable part of his remuneration last year as executive officer, which could theoretically be up to 1.2 million euros.

It could justify it because the financial objectives to which they were linked or because of their suspicions of improper use of company money were not met.

Renault has not wanted to enter into these issues pending the holding of its board of directors.


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