Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Ghosn will appear on April 11 for the first time before the press from detention

Ghosn will appear on April 11 for the first time before the press from detention

Former Nissan Motor President Carlos Ghosn will offer a press conference on April 11, in his first public appearance since he was released on bail after his arrest in Tokyo, sources of his legal defense told Efe today.

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Ghosn was arrested in Tokyo on November 19 and was released on bail on March 6. Since then he has kept his movements and contacts restricted, in accordance with the conditions set by the court.

The sources of the Law Office Hironaka, which defends Ghosn, only confirmed that the press conference will be held on April 11, and said that there is still no details about where it will take place.

The information was released a day after his lawyer, Junichiro Hironaka, said there was no date for the press conference he had initially announced, as he was carefully analyzing what he was going to say to the journalists.

The date of April 11 was anticipated for the first time in a message on Twitter from someone identified as Carlos Ghosn, in a first entry of that account, first in English, followed by another in Japanese with the same text.

"I am preparing to tell the truth about what is happening, press conference on Thursday, April 11," the message read.

However, the profile of that account, apparently of recent creation, identified Ghosn, among other charges, as former president of Nissan Motors, and not Nissan Motor, his real name, a rare mistake for someone who was in charge of the company during two decades, which generated doubts about the veracity of the Twitter account and the means used to spread the news.

Shortly after that tweet appeared, sources of the law firm excused themselves from confirming or denying its veracity and only four hours later they confirmed the call of the press conference on the indicated date.

Ghosn, 65, faces three charges in the courts of Japan, two of them for not declaring the millionaire authorities compensations agreed with Nissan since 2009.

It has another one about aggravated abuse of Nissan's trust for allegedly using company funds to cover personal financial losses.

Hironaka Tuesday doubted that the trial will begin in September and also left open the possibility that the prosecution add new charges against the former president of Nissan Motor, Renault and Mitsubishi.

Just today, judicial sources leaked to local media the possibility of new charges against him, also for aggravated abuse of confidence by a series of allegedly irregular transfers to a distributor in Oman.

Sources from the Tokyo prosecutor's office, who is handling the case, could not confirm to Efe if, in case there were new charges, Ghosn would have to return to jail, since the bail was applied to the three initial formal accusations.


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