Ghosn spoke with Hollywood producer about a possible movie of his life

The former Nissan vice president Carlos Ghosn, who last Monday escaped from Japan where he was facing a trial for financial irregularities, contacted a major Hollywood producer to raise the possibility of making a film about his life.

According to information published by the New York Times, Ghosn spoke in December with John Lesher, one of those responsible for the Oscar-winning film "Birdman" (2014) by Alejandro González Iñárritu, to bring to the big screen what he considers an unfair treatment by the Japanese judicial system.

Sources that remained anonymous pointed out that the tape would also revolve around their efforts to prove their innocence, although the talks were preliminary and the details of the project were not detailed, which was not settled.

It is unknown when the senior executive began planning his escape from Tokyo to Lebanon, but his conversation with Lesher was one of several that he held in his last months Japan in which he contemplated how to fight against the Japanese judicial system and considered that a film could Present a more empathetic picture of your case.

Ghosn also wanted to know how other people fought in similar situations and in July he met with Jake Adelstein, an American journalist who closely follows the Japanese judicial system, to discuss the expectations of trial.

Adelstein had recently published a book about Mark Karpeles, the former director of the cryptocurrency trading company Mt.Gox who spent 5 years litigating with the Japanese system after being accused of falsifying data and scamming.

In March, Karpeles was convicted of data falsification and sentenced to two and a half years of suspended prison.

Ghosn, 65, was released on bail in Tokyo awaiting a trial that could represent a long prison sentence for him.

The Japanese public television network NHK reported Thursday that Ghosn had two French passports and was able to use one of them to legally enter Lebanon.

The former director arrived in Beirut on a private plane Monday night, after having made a stopover in Turkey, where an investigation has been opened and seven people have been arrested today for allegedly facilitating their escape.

For its part, the Lebanese General Security said on Tuesday that the accused entered "legally" into the Arab country, of which he has the nationality, in addition to the Brazilian and French.


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