Ghosn says he will accept any condition to get bail

Ghosn says he will accept any condition to get bail

The ex-president of Nissan Motor Carlos Ghosn committed today in a statement to accept "any condition" of the Japanese justice to obtain his bail, after remaining more than two months in custody.

In a statement today collected by the Japanese agency Kyodo, Ghosn agrees to stay in Japan and offer guarantees that will work with the authorities in order to convince the court to grant him freedom, after this request has already been rejected on one occasion by the judge.

"I am still incarcerated in the detention center 64 days after being arrested, with no release date in sight," Ghosn said in a note distributed by a spokesman for his family, which also promises that "he will respect each and every one of the conditions "that the court can establish to grant him bail.

After the first refusal of the court, justified by the risk of flight and destruction of evidence by the defendant, his defense again requested bail on Friday, and it is expected that the court will make a decision on the matter from today.

"I will attend my trial not only because I am legally obliged to do so, but because I am impatient to have the opportunity to defend myself," said Ghosn, who also insisted on his innocence.

"I am not guilty of the charges against me and I am willing to defend my reputation in court, nothing is more important than that for me and my family," the 64-year-old executive said.

Ghosn is accused by the Tokyo prosecutor's office of hiding from the millionaire authorities compensations agreed with Nissan and of violating the confidence of the company to use funds from that corporation to cover personal losses in the financial markets.

Among the conditions that the French-Brazilian director would be willing to accept for his release include handing his passport to the Japanese authorities, refraining from communicating with potential witnesses in the trial against him or presenting himself daily to the prosecution, according to his statement.

The Japanese judicial system allows filing as many requests for bail as the defense of the accused wishes, although it is rare for Japanese judges to grant this appeal.

Ghosn's lawyers already took up this situation, and believe that he will most likely be detained for about six months, until the trial begins.


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