Ghosn rejects the accusations when appearing for the first time before a judge

Ghosn rejects the accusations when appearing for the first time before a judge

Former Nissan president Carlos Ghosn today rejected the accusations made against him when he appeared before a judge in his first public appearance after his detention in Tokyo on November 19.

Ghosn, 64, appeared in a courtroom in Tokyo handcuffed, in a dark suit, white shirt and no tie, with plastic shoes and thinner than usual, according to the "pool" of authorized journalists. be present in the room.

Two guards who accompanied him took his handcuffs after arriving at the courtroom, where he was placed in a seat in front of the three lawyers present at the court, headed by Judge Yuichi Tada.

Ghosn is awaiting trial, but today's hearing was only scheduled to be informed of the charges against him.

He is accused of hiding allegedly millionaires revenues agreed with Nissan as of 2011 and allegedly violating the company's confidence when using it to cover personal financial losses.

But the powerful manager of the automotive sector today denied the charges before the judge. "I am innocent of the accusations against me … I have been accused unjustly," said Ghosn, born in Brazil and educated in Lebanon and France.

"I only have love and gratitude from the bottom of my heart to Nissan, I have made all my efforts in favor of Nissan and I have carried out my tasks fairly, correctly and legally," he insisted.

At the court hearing, requested by Ghosn's lawyers to personally hear the allegations, the judge read the charges and told him that he is being detained to prevent him from leaving the country and hiding evidence.


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