June 21, 2021

Ghosn admits the existence of a plan to pay millionaire payments after his retirement

Ghosn admits the existence of a plan to pay millionaire payments after his retirement

The ex-president of Nissan Motor Carlos Ghosn has admitted the existence of a plan to pay sums millionaires after he finished in those functions, but refuses to have signed, reported today the NHK chain.

Ghosn was arrested in Tokyo on November 19 and accused of presumably hiding from the authorities part of the income he had received or agreed with Nissan as part of his duties as president of the Japanese company.

Many of these funds, according to leaks to the press known in recent days, are part of the sums of money he would receive when he ceased to be president of Nissan, funds that, according to some legal experts, would have to declare them fiscally.

According to the public network NHK, which cites sources familiar with the case, Ghosn has admitted in his statements to those responsible for the investigations that there is a document that includes the "massive remuneration" he would receive from Nissan when he left the company. .

However, according to the same source, Ghosn, 64, says he did not sign such a document.

According to previous news, another Nissan official, Greg Kelly, who was also arrested on this issue, is the person who may have played a key role in defining the criteria for paying those amounts that Ghosn would receive when he ceased his duties.

The tax authorities of Japan have accused Ghosn of not declaring income of 5 billion yen (about 44 million dollars) that he supposedly received between 2011 and 2014.

Some press releases, however, indicate that this amount may be part of the amounts allocated for after their retirement, and that they were not paid during the mentioned years.

According to the NHK chain, Ghosn maintains that he asked Kelly to determine the legality of these deferred payments, and he confirmed that the arrangement to not declare fiscally the amounts he would receive complied with Japanese laws.

The same chain points out that the prosecution has decided that the current regulations forced Ghosn to declare these sums to the authorities once the amounts had been set, even if the payment had not been made.

Ghosn is being held in a Tokyo jail, waiting to hear the indictment against him.

Last Thursday he was dismissed from his Nissan duties and on the last Monday he was also replaced in the presidency of Mitsubishi, another automotive manufacturer controlled by Nissan and which was also run by Ghosn.


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