Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Ghosn accuses Nissan executives of plotting a "conspiracy" against him

Ghosn acusa a ejecutivos de Nissan de tramar un “complot” en su contra

The former president of Nissan Engine and Renault Carlos Ghosn accused on Tuesday "executives" of the Japanese company to plot a plot against him "for fear that the company lost its autonomy" during a greater integration with the French manufacturer.

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In a message recorded on video before his new detention last Thursday in Tokyo and released on Tuesday, the former French-Brazilian director claims to be "innocent of all the accusations filed against him", which are based on "biased and taken out of context" , according to the recording.

The reason for "plot"Is" the fear that existed among some executives of Nissan"That a greater integration of the Japanese company within the alliance that it forms with Renault" could betray the essence (of the company) and compromise its autonomy ", explains Ghosn in the message distributed by their lawyers.

Ghosn recorded this message the day before his last arrest with the aim of spreading it to the media "in case new prosecutorial actions prevented him from speaking publicly," said the head of his team of lawyers, Junichiro Hironaka, in a Press conference.

The video included a mention of Ghosn "To the real names of top executives" indicated by the "plot against him", although his lawyers decided to cut this part of the message "so as not to harm the case" after his last arrest.

"At a time like this it would be inappropriate to have the accused making speculations, that's why it was decided to do this," he said. Hironaka, who explained that the legal team spoke with Ghosn to "convince" him that it was the most appropriate option.

Last Wednesday, the day before his new arrest on additional charges, the former leader of the alliance formed by Nissan, Renault Y Mitsubishi Motors He had called a press conference for the next day 11 of this month with the aim of "telling the truth" about the case, as expressed in a message posted on his Twitter profile.

Hironaka also noted that there were "several suspicious elements" surrounding Ghosn's latest arrest, and that the prosecution's object could be to "try to incriminate him into making a self-incriminating confession."

Ghosn was arrested last Thursday while he was on bail, on suspicion of the prosecution related to the alleged personal use of Nissan and Renault funds transferred to a distributor based in Oman, which could be a crime of aggravated abuse of trust.

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