October 30, 2020

'GHDúo', larger than the CIS | TV

'GHDúo', larger than the CIS | TV

How do you know? I ask someone who tells me some aerated slander in one of those television programs so discredited as popular. "I was doing zapping and by chance … " Well, I've been doing a lot, a lot zapping in the last three months, coinciding with the emission of GH Duo and, by chance, my daily galas and summaries have appeared on the screen of my television, even the 24 hour GH channel has sneaked in, and now I bring some fresh news for you.

The reality TV has managed to turn into a spectacle a deep human drive: to judge other people's behavior. The only way to know moral values ​​is by personalizing them. We hate or love someone in particular, not an abstract value but its owner, and with approval and censorship of examples our sentimental education is shaped. However, people susceptible to shared moral judgment are usually reduced to the particular environment, which limits the number of potential conversationalists in excess, but then the mass media overcome this lack and offer us a profusion of public and universally known examples: the politicians, the celebrities of entertainment. Our appetite for adhesion and contempt finds abundant matter there.

But they are too scattered: celebrities they make their lives each and do not form a story. Et voilá: we lock them in a house for three months. And the unit of space and time thus guaranteed is added the unit of dramatic action through daily videos wisely edited that structure frames for the viewer, outline good and bad characters and astutely enhance the conflict that divides opinions. Our favorite contestant is in danger, what will happen now? Like a series of HBO, but improved: the protagonists are real, old acquaintances, act live, join and repel, nominate the adversary, overcome the tests, quarrel, cry, rise, survive or die (expulsion) and suspense it stays alive until the end, waiting for what the audience votes.

This intense dramatization excites the thirst for interpretations about what is happening in the House. What a disappointment when the friend, who you thought smart, sympathizes with the wrong contestant. Are you blind or what? In the absence of discerning friends, there are plenty of televised debates in which the exploits of the contestants are analyzed and an assortment of interpretations is provided that is so varied that it will be rare that one does not support one's own, with the consequent relief of unbearable emotional tension.

In the last CIS, 16,000 people were interviewed; an exit of 'GH' is voted 700,000

And what kind of judgments are issued in those programs of hermeneutical vocation as Save me daily? Let's feel a general principle. The more vulgarity, the greater tendency to moralization. It is proven that the most fragile understandings are those that most resort to the moralizing sermon. The vulgarity that is exhibited in GH Duo It is extreme, then we must expect very high morality. Well, I am in a position to confirm to the readers of this important newspaper that this is indeed the case. The judgments that the contestants formulate about each other, those that justify their nominations, those of the collaborators in sets and debates, in sum, all the judgments are based on moral principles. I could have imagined other criteria: success, money, talent, intelligence, culture, ideology, personal appeal, even caprice. But no: it is the good and the bad in the fight the only thing that really counts.

And what is the state of morality of Spanish society? Let's stop chatting when we have data. Because in the last CIS macro survey, 16,000 people were interviewed, a ridiculously small number compared to the 700,000 people who voted on a minor issue such as Candela's repechage, contestant expelled but with return options. The study of the vote provides us with an enviable empirical support to draw solid conclusions about popular morality in Spain.

It is an empirical means to draw conclusions about morality in Spain

For now I will limit myself to advance what is the supreme moral virtue in the contest and without which it would be unthinkable to win it: absolute sincerity and its usual partner, authenticity. This virtue, in the GH code, requires the contestant to go straight and say things to their face, particularly the unpleasant ones. If one "gets hot" and regurgitates a nauseating outburst, it is a good idea to ask for forgiveness "if it has bothered someone", recognizing that sometimes "they lose their ways", but that no one can say that they do not go "with the truth ahead "," his truth ", because he always acts" from the heart "and never, never" stops being himself ".

It has always seemed to me that sincerity is for drunks and I practice it only exceptionally, in case of force majeure, so I will resign myself to never participate in the contest and to follow it only on TV … when it appears by chance on screen. On Thursday night I was zapping and I found out that María Jesús, exmiss Spain and model, had won GH Duo. My sincere congratulations.

JAVIER GOMÁ LANZÓN is a philosopher. On April 30 he publishes his comedy I want to tire you (Pre-Texts)


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