Mon. Feb 17th, 2020

GH VIP 7, live


Both sat on the couch and on the screen were issued or some images in which the dummy says that she could not sleep peacefully after having hurt the mother of her children. "I sleep very quietly, because I have my three children sleeping at home," he said.


The Malaga said that the model has inquina for his friends but she clarified that it is due to a series of comments he made about his aunt and his ex-boyfriend. "This man is already there, everything they had told me about you is true, we will get worse than I thought," he warned


The reality of
Telecinco It started with a lot of intensity and, in addition to an attempt to abandon, last night we could see a great anger starring
Antonio David Y
Alba Carrillo, the first to enter the house.


However, there are two contestants who have been isolated. For the moment,
Hugo Castejón and Gianmarco Orestioni they will live in the confessional without the rest of the contestants. The program has only given them a backpack with a potty, toilet paper, mats, blankets and energy bars.


All the
contestants They must live in the same room. There are no beds for everyone, there is only one bathroom, there is no hot water, they will have to cook with a stove and the shower will be the sprinklers.


After many of the contestants were amazed by the decoration of the new house of Guadalix de la Sierra, last night the alarms jumped and the house moved.


Irene Junquera it was another surprise of the premiere of
GH VIP 7. After working for years in the sports press, he rose to fame at the hand of "The beach bar of jugones", with Josep Pedrerol. Imperfect and natural, Junquera arrives after he left Atresmedia and his first Mediaset program did not work.


Master Joao It was another of the contestants confirmed last night. Get to
GH VIP 7 after starting his television career as a seer in the early morning television. In addition, the sorcerer is the current couple of Pol Badia, former
Adara in ‘GH 16’.


Gianmarco Orestioni It was another surprise of the edition. The Italian is a 22-year-old model and instagrammer who already knows what it is to compete in
‘GH VIP’ He participated in ‘Grande Fratello’ in his home country in 2016.


Antonio David Flores It became the first surprise on Wednesday night. Without having previously confirmed the program,
Antonio David Flores He was already inside the house of Guadalix de la Sierra.


Last night, the team of
GH VIP 7 He revealed the identity of all the names that make up the reality squad and will fight to take the 100,000 euros of the final prize.


Good evening and welcome to follow up
live of
Telecinco premiered yesterday, Wednesday, September 11
GH VIP 7 and today the reality gala 1 will continue. An average of 2,529,000 spectators and a 24.6% share followed the entry of the new contestants to the house in its seventh edition, ranking as the most watched space on Wednesday and leading its strip without competition, with its best data since the start of GH VIP 4.

In La Vanguardia, we will be making a preview until the start of the broadcast in
Telecinco. In it we will tell you all the details about the new reality and we will explain what is expected for the gala

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