Getafe hits first

Getafe hits first

You already know Marcelino and Valencia that next Tuesday, in the return of the Cup, a match awaits them that can end their patience and may their participation in the Cup. The goal of Jorge Molina, in the second part, put the tie of face for Getafe, which came out the perfect match: He capped Valencia, impotent against Bordalás's tactics and took advantage of one of the chances he had to score and travel to Mestalla with an advantage. Now, there, he will have to do what he knows better than this Getafe so competitive: that nothing happens for as long as possible and if it happens, that it happens in the opponent's area.

Getafe demands a lot from rivals. He gives them the ball and then he makes their life impossible. In addition, as he has fire up, he knows that some chance he will have and that he is likely to end in a goal. It almost happened in the first half, when it seemed that the game was Valencia, with the ball and almost always playing in the rival field. It was a very horizontal football, but at least they were far from the goal of Domenech and closer to the Madrid team. But Valencia was hardly approached with danger. Some time on the side of the Korean Kang In Lee, but almost nothing to worry a Getafe that, right now can be the team that believes most in what he does. Manage the times of the matches. Valencia let him dominate until he went for him. In a five-minute sprint he forced Doménech to take the cold off with a big stop and another arrival later, which left Valencia fearful. But was not he dominating? Neither is Marcelino's team to resist much. The Cup is what worries him least in a season full of potholes and questions that no one knows how to answer.

The two teams were more comfortable when nothing happened. And that was the second part of that. In the elimination matches weighs so much the second leg that the first one is taken with caution. Not receiving a goal is the first commandment and, therefore, prudence can be more than fear. That's when the Valencia and Getafe started to roll. They were afraid and they were increasingly stressed.

But this Getafe de Bordalás moves better in these situations. Valencia is more fragile. And in addition, the blues have more gunpowder to decide the encounters that move on the edge. Angel and Mata were the front forwards and the first was replaced by Molina midway through the second half. By then the game was already confusing and football, the least important.

If in the first half there were no cards, in the second half there were eight yellow cards, distributed between the two teams. They were small battles for the field, without the ball importing. It was a place where Getafe feels better. In a hanging ball, the ball ended at the foot of Molina. He had time to think, a second, enough to change the ball standing up and look at the semifinals.


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