October 19, 2020

Getafe beats Betis in a great first half and sleeps leader

He Betis leadership changed owner and the Getafe, which ended with the green and white set (3-0) to the rhythm of the Colombian “Cucho” Hernández, key man of a crash in which a double by Ángel and a great goal by Cucurella they gave the three points to the blue box.

Cucho put the pause his team needed to draw the best version of the men of José Bordalás, that increasingly resembles the group that dazzled before the start of the pandemic. They have already scared off the post-confinement ghost and are again fearsome. His victim, the Betis, suffered the blue gale during an excellent first part that ended any option in the box of Pellegrini scoring at the Coliseum.

Betis players did not stop seeing blue shadows for 45 minutes. The pressure to which they were subjected in all parts of the field left a team that jumped from start without Joaquin, to whom his coach gave rest and was replaced by Juanmi on the right wing. Getafe also came out with a novelty that would be decisive together with the performance of “Cucho”: Angel.

The blue striker is a true goalkeeper. Always take advantage of their minutes. Especially when he is a substitute. He had the pending debt to shine when he is a starter and, against Betis, he did. Part of the fault was the “Cucho”, who moved wonderfully between the lines to open holes and assist his companions

One of those movements served to open the scoreboard. El Cucho, with a beautiful head pass from his back towards Nyom, allowed the Frenchman to assist Ángel to inaugurate the score with a semi-Chilean who had to review the VAR for possible offside. It was not, Álex Moreno broke it, and Getafe went ahead with justice.

Betis, suffocated by the pressure, barely accumulated two occasions with a distant shot from Marc bartra and with a foul thrown by Canales on the brink of halftime that Soria saved with a good save. He did not have any other and, although Getafe only had a couple more options, they took advantage of them.

First Cucurella, with a right from outside the area assisted by “Cucho”. And second, Angel, on the edge of rest, after taking advantage of a heads up after another assistance, of course, from “Cucho”, a great protagonist of the match despite not scoring.

His was the merit of almost all the success of Getafe, which with the signing of the Colombian forward has found a piece that contributes something different to what it almost always offers. Now, physical effort and direct football have a break point with Cucho.

His departure in the middle of the second half gave a break to the Betis defense, which could not do anything to overcome the duel either. His rival, at half throttle, managed the advantage of the first 45 minutes well and left with the lead under his arm. “Cucho” was to blame and Ángel and Cucurella took the glory.

Data sheet:

3 – Getafe: Soria; Damián (Cábaco, m.73), Djené, Etxeita, Olivera; Nyom (Portillo, m.86), Maksimovic, Arambarri (Palaversa, m.86), Cucurella; Cucho (Jaime Mata, m.62) and Ángel (Timor, m.73).

0 – Betis: Robles; Bartra, Mandi, Sidnei, Álex Moreno; Guido Rodríguez (Borja Iglesias, m.46), Carvalho (Akouokou (m.61); Juanmi (Ruibal, m.61), Fekir, Canales; and Sanabria (Loren, m.72).

Goals: 1-0, m.15: Angel; 2-0, m.39: Cucurella; 3-0, m. 42: Angel.

Referee: Juan Martínez Munuera (Valencian Committee). He showed yellow cardboard to Damián (m.22), Olivera (m.37), Arambarri (m.67) and Cabaco (m.84), by Getafe, and Fekir (m.71), by Betis. He expelled Mandi (Betis) for double warning (m.82 and 83)

Incidents: match corresponding to the fourth day of The league Santander played at the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez in Getafe behind closed doors.


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