"Get out of the disgusted consultation and I took a shower" - La Provincia

"Get out of the disgusted consultation and I took a shower" - La Provincia

María Martín, fictitious name for the right to privacy of the affected, had been coming to lat the consultation of Carlos L. R. in the health center of Canalejas from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, until one day he did what many of his previous patients: "I went to the center's secretary and asked to change doctors". She made that decision because she left the clinic feeling disgusted, she went home, she had the need to take a shower because she felt "dirty" and, with her own disbelief, she told what had just happened to her husband, who heard her I also relate with some skepticism.

"I went by the knee, I have a chronic problem and every two times I get strong pains. instead of looking at my knee what she did was to stand up, she told me she was nervous, that she had to relax me and began to massage my shoulders. Then I noticed how he stuck to my body from behind and rubbed against me with his penis ". In this way María Martín tells an experience that made her feel ashamed and at the same time indignant. "I thought they were my things and when you tell it, nobody gives much importance or they look at you as if you were exaggerating ". Now María Martín, two years after that event, knows that what happened to her did matter and that not only did she live through that situation. "I only had to see in the news the initials of the name to know what it is."

María changed doctors in 2017, when I was 40 years old "He always spoke to me as calm, very soft, he gave me reassuring and positive messages, but that day I left his disgusted office". A friendly and affable behavior until one day crossed the limits. "It hits you so much that you can not believe it and you only feel disgust." This is how Maria remembers the doctor now accused of having performedSuddenly sexual touching to a score of patients in the health center of Arenales. To these women are added another hundred who, like Maria, had requested the medical change.

The day she asked to be assigned to another health professional, the person who attended him did not ask him the reasons for that decision. "I just wanted to get out of there and take a shower, but I do not think at that moment I could explain it either." What he does not remember is who of the two felt it was better to have a doctor. "When I asked him to change, he looked at me strangely, now I understand why." Instead now, after the denunciations against the doctor are made public, María assures that she will go to the Police to join that dropper of women who have lived a similar experience. "I have to go, to know how many have done what and how many can be minors." He did not do it before because he understood that what had happened to him was difficult to prove and because he felt what many women: "shame".

The expaciente of Carlos L. now does not feel much confidence towards the health center of all his life: "How is it possible that one hundred women changed doctors and no one took action or opened an investigation?". He also asks himselfHow have they allowed a doctor reported earlier continue working normally for so many years.


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