Get out in the ID picture with a toothpick in his mouth

Get out in the ID picture with a toothpick in his mouth

Sergio Álvarez, a young man from León, was the protagonist of an anecdote as a result of which the National Identity Document had to be renewed. His aunt, knowing the boy's fondness for always carrying a toothpick in his mouth, said: "Remember to remove the stick walk …".

After this comment, Sergio's uncle and brother made a proposal: "There are no eggs to get your ID with the stick in your mouth". Sergio, known as the 'Panita', told them: "I bet you a dinner to what I get", as reported by ''.

According to the regulations of the DNI, in the photograph the subject must leave without clothes in order not to complicate the identification of the person, with the head uncovered and avoid wearing glasses of dark glasses.

However, by luck or dismissal of the official, the young Leon achieved the feat of appearing in the photograph with the stick in his mouth. "The truth is that I did not believe it until I saw the ID in my hands, I thought they were not going to leave me," says Sergio.

"It's very fat that I saw. It seems that the photo has triumphed", says the surprised young man with the repercussion that his bet has had.


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