April 16, 2021

Germany, the toughest rival in Spain in the League of Nations

Switzerland and Ukraine complete the Red group in the second edition of the tournament

Spain will meet Germany in Group D of the League of Nations. The Germans were the toughest opponent of the last hype, the one that picked up the worst ranked teams of the first edition. And Germany was saved from relegation just because the tournament has been remodeled to include four more teams.

Switzerland and Ukraine complete the group. Spain has had luck in the series head that has touched him. The four finalists of the first edition were England, Holland and Portugal, in addition to Switzerland, which is the rival that has corresponded to Spain.

The other groups are as follows:

Group A: Holland, Italy, Bosnia, and Poland.

B Group: England, Belgium, Denmark, Iceland.

Group C: Portugal, France, Sweden, Croatia.

The first day of the tournament is played between September 3 and 5 and the last, between November 15 and 17. The final phase takes place between June 2 and 6. The semifinals are played 2 and 3 and the final, 6.

The playoffs for the descent are played in March 2022.


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