August 8, 2020

Germany says there will be no further negotiations on the "brexit"

The Secretary of State for Europe in the German Foreign Ministry, Michael Roth, said today that there will be no further negotiations for a "brexit", because the principle of agreement reached by Brussels and London can not be improved.

"There will be no further negotiations" for an agreement, Roth said in statements to the German regional broadcaster SWR, while underlining the interest in the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, can successfully close this matter.

He also warned all detractors of May that with a new prime minister the negotiating context will not improve.

He added that the British side knew from the beginning that there are established guidelines that are in compliance by the 27, which, he recalled, must ensure the interests of its citizens, of the economy, of Ireland, and that is why the margin EU maneuver is "limited".

Another issue, he said, are the future relations between the EU and the United Kingdom, which will have to be discussed in detail when there is, for the moment, only an agreement on general lines.

In this sense, he was convinced that there is a certain room for maneuver in the negotiations that will take place next year.

He pointed out that what is now on the table is "a reasonable agreement" that "requires a lot of both parties, the EU of 27 and the United Kingdom" and that now needs to be analyzed.

"But in the end the reason must be imposed, because something better than what is now on the table is not going to be achieved," he said.

The worst "brexit" would be one without agreement, he said, while underlining the importance of an orderly exit, both for the United Kingdom and for the EU.

"What there is now has to be even for the most convinced of those who support a 'brexit' much better than simply an exit without any rules," he said.

He noted that "in the end a deputy must know what he is doing", whether it is European or British.


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