March 5, 2021

Germany "loses" the war between the United States and China and four other economic news


1. Germany loses war between the US and China It has been more than a year since the US Secretary of State for Commerce, Wilbur Ross, took out a can of Campbell's soup by surprise during an interview on television and said that the 10% increase in import tariffs on aluminum was going to cause only a price increase of less than a penny on that product. "We can afford it," was his message.

2. The demand for electricity in Spain increases 2.6%. The demand for national electricity in July is estimated at 24,283 GWh, 2.6% higher than the one registered in the same month from the previous year. If the effects of the calendar and temperatures are taken into account, the figure drops 3.1% compared to July 2018.

3. The Ibex 35 is infected by the rebound of European stock exchanges and returns to the positive ground in mid-session. The selective Spanish has returned to positive territory mediated the session, in a day in which he has flirted with the losses. All of it, at the height of the main European squares. Finally, the Ibex 35 bounces at half a session less than half a percentage point. He has done so driven by the good performance of the main European squares that recover after several days to forget: Paris (+ 0.92%), Frankfurt (+ 0.64%), London (+ 0.11%) and Milan (+ 0.48%).

4. Messi or Aitana Ocaña, the bosses that Spanish children want. Rafa Nadal for boys and Catalan singer Aitana Ocaña for girls are the people that young Spaniards between 4 and 16 years old want their bosses to be in the future. This follows from the XV Adecco Survey on «What do you want to be when you grow up», where the Adecco Group has asked, once again, about 1,800 children about the situation of our labor market and about political and social news.

5. The Bank of Spain warns against the "significant loss of the reform momentum". In an article that analyzes the recommendations of the European Commission, the Bank of Spain highlights the "significant loss of reform momentum", so urges to take advantage of the current phase of expansion to recover "room for maneuver" in national fiscal policies, enhance the proper functioning of the internal market, encourage investment and increase productivity and potential growth.

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