July 7, 2020

Germany does not believe that the cooling of its economy affects tourism reserves – La Provincia

Message of relative tranquility of the German authorities to the Canary Islands about the immediate future of the tourism market. There will be a decrease in the influx of visitors in the coming months, as is already being verified in the number of reservations, but not as a result of the economic cooling of the European locomotive, but because of the activation of competition involving closer destinations, and therefore more competitive, such as Greece, Turkey and Egypt. That is, they will arrive less but the level of spending will remain.

This is at least the impression that the German ambassador to Spain, Wolfgang Dold, transmitted yesterday to the Canary Councilor oftourism, Yaiza Castilla, in a one-hour meeting held in Madrid at the official residence of the diplomat, and in which both addressed the situation of the sector and how the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook can affect connectivity with the German market, where the British operator maintained intense activity. Castilla said that there was transfer to the ambassador the concern of the Government of the Islands and the tourism sector itself about the effects of the recession in that country. "I have been very satisfied with his reassuring message because he believes that the economic slowdown in principle would not affect the profile of the German tourist who chooses the Canary Islands as his holiday destination," said the counselor after the meeting.

The German ambassador expressed yesterday his total predisposition to maintain maximum cooperation with theCanary Governmentto study the market situation and work together to maintain the current flow of German visits to the Archipelago, assuming that the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook has affected "many people". "Every year millions of German and Canary tourists travel to Spain is a very popular destination so that connectivity plays a very important role," said the head of the German legation in Spain, who gave special importance to the fact that the subsidiary German of the British operator, Condor, will continue with the activity ".

Dold recalled that the federal government approved in September the granting of a loan to Condor for 380 million euros 100% guaranteed by the Executive ofAngela Merkel.

Castilla also transferred to the German ambassador the request that his Government contemplate an exception for the Canary Islands in its project to apply a tax to kerosene for airplanes, a measure with which the Central European country wants to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases and that could extend to the whole of the EU.


The counselor had already held hours before a meeting with the United Kingdom ambassador, Hugh Elliot, with whom he also addressed the market situation in the other large issuer of tourists to the Canary Islands, as well as the effects of thebroxit. Castilla said that in this context the winter season cannot be taken for granted despite the fact that other operators have been assuming part of the gap left byThomas Cook. "We still have difficulties both in the winter season and in the summer of 2020," by 58% what has been recovered from the UK market, although it pointed out as an opportunity to reposition the Islands the international tourist fairs that They begin to be held in the coming weeks.


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