German tourism proposes aid to travel to the Canary Islands in winter

The Government of the Canary Islands has received with satisfaction a proposal that, if it goes ahead, will be a boost for the sector on the islands. / CARRASCO

The president of the Association of German Independent Travel Agencies proposes to give a bonus of 500 euros to retirees who travel to warmer destinations. Vacation rentals register a 20% increase in bookings after publishing the proposal

Germany's excessive dependence on
gas in Russian and the probability that in coming months there could be a cut in supply, as has happened with Poland and Bulgaria, has led the German government to design a
emergency planaimed at reducing consumption in companies, industries and families.

For now, the supply is guaranteed and, within the framework of this plan, substitution formulas are being sought, such as contracting floating liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals, but given the uncertainty
The German government has called on the population to reduce their consumption as much as possible.

In this context, the president of
the Association of Independent Autonomous Travel Agents (VUSR) of GermanyMarija Linnhof, has proposed encouraging German retirees who decide to go on winter vacation to other warmer destinations with a
500 euro voucher.

In this way, help would be given to retirees, for whom specific measures are not yet contemplated in the country against the rise in prices, and on the other hand, their vacations in another destination would mean savings in the cost of heating and gas. .

Still no answer although with possibilities of leaving

Linnhof's proposal, which is an authoritative voice of the German tourism sector (it is a member of the German Tourism Council),
has not yet received a reply from the German Government, although it has generated the rejection of some members, such as the president of the Bundestag tourism committee, Jana Schimke, who considers that the high cost of the measure, some 10,000 million euros, exceeds the effects that this measure would have on the consumption of gas.

From the Canary Islands, like the rest of the holiday destinations for German retirees in winter,
the incentive has been welcomed because it would mean another boost for tourism in the islands.

In fact, according to the president of the Canarian Vacation Rental Association (Ascav), Doris Borrego, since the proposal was made public -which has had great importance in the German media-
tourist housing reserves on the islands have grown by 20%.

"The news came out and the reserves for the Canary Islands began to rise," says Borrego, who considers that there are "many possibilities" that it will go ahead.

Push for the recovery of the sector in the islands

In addition, although German tourism is recovering, it is doing so at a slower rate than that of other issuing countries.

In fact, the places scheduled for this summer fall in the German market by up to 6%, to 1.3 million, compared to other markets such as the British, with which they increase by 12.6%, with a total of 3, 7 million.

If this proposal goes ahead, it will be a
accolade for this important market on islands like Gran Canaria.

The Minister of Tourism of the Government of the Canary Islands,
Yaiza Castillaconsidered the measure "welcome" and stressed that the initiative connects perfectly with the campaign launched by the regional government to attract a greater volume of the so-called
'silverplus'which are people over 55 years of age who enjoy long-stay vacations.

This segment of tourists is also characterized by the fact that they reduce dependence on air connectivity and promote a more sustainable consumption of resources.

The Canary Islands already receive a considerable number of 'silver plus' tourists. According to the data handled by the Tourism Department of the Government of the Canary Islands,
In 2019, 131,600 visitors from this segment arrived, whose average stay was 49.58 nights and with an annual turnover of 383 million euros.

The objective of this campaign is to raise the number of tourists over the age of 55 arriving to the islands to 200,000, that is, an increase of around 50%.

In addition, with the collaboration of the private sector in the development of a product according to the segment,
it is intended to lengthen their average stay and, therefore, increase its annual turnover, which would go from 383 million euros to more than double, 770 million euros.

This tourist has an average expenditure above the average. According to Tourism data, he spends an average of 2,907 euros per trip, compared to 1,137 euros for the rest of the visitors who come to the islands.

The announcement of the incentive raises tourist rental reservations by 20%

The president of Ascav, Doris Borrego. /

The proposal by German travel agencies to grant a bonus of 500 euros per person (1,000 for a couple) to German retirees who go on vacation in winter has caused a 20% increase in bookings for holiday homes in the Canary Islands.

This is stated by the president of the Canarian Vacation Rental Association (Ascav), Doris Borrego, who points out that since the measure was known "an increase in reservations was noticed." "It's all advantages if it is approved," she says.

Vacation rentals continue to grow on the islands as a preferred option for many tourists. At Easter, I registered an occupation higher than in 2018 and 2019, with "peaks" of absolute full. After this period, the occupation is currently around 65% and for the summer, the forecasts are very optimistic.

“There is already quite a reserve of Europeans, who together with locals and nationals, can make us have a full house again,” says Borrego, who yesterday inaugurated the new Ascav office in the province and which is located in Vecindario.

“The pandemic has changed the way we all see and think. Those who visit us are increasingly aware that with vacation rentals they generate wealth in the place », he indicates.

Borrego points out that in 2015 this type of tourism generated a business of 1,500 million. "Now there is no data but it is much more," he says.

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