Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

German journalist Billy Six released after four months in prison in Venezuela

German journalist Billy Six released after four months in prison in Venezuela

Venezuelan justice ordered tonight the release of the German journalist Billy Six, arrested four months ago by intelligence agencies under accusations of espionage, the NGO Espacio Público reported on Twitter.

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Their freedom is not full and they imposed precautionary measures.

"Released the German journalist Billy Six after 4 months unjustly detained Impose prudential presentation every 15 days and prohibition to declare in media about his case," according to Public Space, which promotes freedom of expression in Venezuela.

After the presentation hearing, Billy Six boarded a vehicle with representatives of the German embassy in Caracas.

It is unknown if he will leave the country or will remain some time longer to continue documenting the Venezuelan crisis.

The German communicator was arrested in mid-November last year in a raid in a bar in the depressed municipality of Los Taques, Falcón state (northwest).

He was there to document the economic crisis and the emigration of Venezuelans, phenomena that he already verified in December of 2017 and in June of 2018, according to videos uploaded to his Youtube account.

As reported by Public Space, the Venezuelan authorities found on his mobile phone a photograph of the governor Nicolás Maduro, as well as material that they considered "suspicious", so they proceeded to his arrest and subsequent transfer to the cells of the Caracas headquarters of the service. Intelligence.

Billy Six is ​​a journalist, writer and documentary maker who has chronicled conflicts and crises in at least 70 countries, including Libya, Ukraine and Syria.

In the latter country he was detained by the state security forces between December 2012 and March 2013, according to the journalist himself revealed in 2016 to the Youtube channel "the eyes of the war".


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