July 9, 2020

German Interior Minister calls for "intelligent controls" at the Schengen borders

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said Wednesday that the "smart border controls" instituted by Germany a month ago are a success and he proposed them as a standard to be adopted at all the borders of the Schengen area.

"Intensive measures in the border area are necessary and we cannot renounce them, one could only think of it if it were possible to establish effective protection at the external border" of the European Union (EU), said the minister in a conference Press in Berlin.

Reinforced controls at the German borders – particularly on the border with France – were introduced on November 6, in reaction to the scandal that caused the reappearance in Germany of a mobster convict who had been deported to Lebanon.

According to the conservative Seehofer, in this period of time the German police have apprehended 178 people who had been banned from entering the country, as well as another 248 who were searching and capturing.

"Such a high number of people already deported highlights the great need for action at national and European level," said the minister.

In a message to the European Commission (EC) and to the Member States, Seehofer called for "more assistance in the protection of the (external) border and in the direction of migratory flows," offering German personnel and technical resources for the countries of the Route of the Balkans.

Reinforced controls have also proven effective in combating secondary migration within the Union, said Seehofer, which aims to eliminate flows of asylum seekers between various European countries.

The minister also once again influenced his proposal for a unified asylum system that would decide on the external border of Europe which country is responsible for each request, calling it "more urgent than ever."

According to Seehofer's plan, people whose need for protection is not proven will be returned directly to the country of origin from the European border by the Frontex border agency.

The minister declared himself "confident" in the good reception of his project and explained that he hopes that the talks with other states and with the EC will pay off "at the latest" when Germany assumes the presidency of the European Council.

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