German industry calls for a New Year against xenophobia

German industry calls for a New Year against xenophobia

The German Confederation of Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) today published a declaration of the New Year against xenophobia and in defense of the opening of borders, approved unanimously by the leadership of the organization.

"The German economy is related to the foreign market like almost no other, in our industry one out of every two jobs depends on exports, our welfare would not have been possible without European integration and without the disappearance of national borders," he said. President of the DIHK, Eric Schweitzer.

"This is something that we have to defend, and we have to explain the functioning of the economy better, because we want to engage in a dialogue, because it is important to take imprecise fears seriously in the face of changes and offer people a positive image of the future. "he added.

Schweitzer also recalled that currently in Germany 40 percent of new companies are created by people with a migration background.

The resolution also recalls the need of the German industry for qualified foreign labor and highlights the good experiences of many workers with migrants.


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