German experts link the return to normality with the massive use of masks

The German research community Leopoldina links in a report on COVID-19 the massive use of face masks in public spaces with the relaxation of current restrictions on social life and economic activity.

Speaking to the weekly Der Spiegel published this Friday, a member of Leopoldina - a benchmark institution in Germany - says that the generalization of coverage of the mouth and nose is the requirement.

"The mask must become a new social standard," says the scientist.

The reopening of shops and, gradually, of schools -at least for older students-, depends to a large extent on the fact that sanitary masks are available to citizens (something that is not possible at the moment due to problems of supply).

"Only with sufficient sanitary protection can it be possible to return to normal life. (The mask) should be the latest fashion," says the researcher.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel assured that the Leopoldina report - which will be officially presented on Monday - will play an important role in the debate on when and how the country can return to normality once the spread of the Sars pandemic has been controlled -CoV2.

The federal government and the "Länder" are scheduled to meet virtually next Wednesday to decide whether the restrictions need to be continued or they can begin to relax, balancing sanitary criteria with the containment of damage in the economic sphere.

The German Executive did not want to specify this Thursday the criteria were to be taken into account when making this decision, beyond saying that there would be several -among them the evolution of new infections- and that the recommendations of the experts would be followed .

On Wednesday the German government acknowledged that it has reached an agreement with a Chinese state-owned company to receive 40 million masks a week.

According to the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" the agreement was sealed after a telephone conversation between the chancellor and Chinese President Xi Jinping.


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