German economists forecast the lowest growth in 7 years and four other news

German economists forecast the lowest growth in 7 years and four other news


1. The German institutes confirm the worst fall of the last seven years. The Spring Report of the German Economic Institutes, which has only added pessimism to the situation, with a growth forecast for this year of only 0.8% of GDP. Experts point out that the cooling has not only affected the automotive industry, but the entire manufacturing sector as a whole, something that can partly be attributed to the risks related to the imposition of tariffs but also, they warn, that Germany is not rising in time to the train of digitalization and artificial intelligence.

2. The boxes that you have to check for Hacienda to return you money in the income statement. For this year's Income Tax return to return or to pay less to the Treasury, it is advisable to check the related boxes with the change in personal situations, exempt income or state and regional deductions, among others.

3. The tax advisers, frightened by the complaints provoked by the "Messi sentence". The ruling in the Messi case, in which the Supreme Court ruled that the Barcelona player was guilty of committing three tax crimes for defrauding 41 million euros, has caused a wave of complaints against tax advisers. This is stated by the president of the Spanish Association of Tax Advisers (Aedaf), José Ignacio Alemany, who recalls that, Although the sentence against the Argentine star did not condemn the advisers having reached an agreement with the Tax Agency, the Supreme Court included that they should have been sentenced in the opinion.

4. The defense of Carlos Ghosn affirms that they will "firmly" appeal his fourth arrest for new charges. The legal defense of the ex-president of Nissan Motor and Renault Carlos Ghosn has announced that he will "resort firmly" to his new arrest for additional charges, in order to regain his release "as soon as possible". The former executive was arrested early Thursday and transferred to Kosuge neighborhood correctional where he spent more than three months in detention.

5. Scalpers wins Adidas: his white tennis shoes are not an imitation of the mythical "Stan Smith". Sometimes the small fish eats the big one, even in the courts. This is what the Spanish brand Scalpers has done (clothes, footwear …) against the German multinational Adidas in the legal battle initiated after the demand by imitation interposed by the giant Teutón. Adidas accused the Spanish woman of copying her mythical "Stan Smith" sneakers.


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