German activists open a website to denounce the right-wing extremists before their bosses

German activists open a website to denounce the right-wing extremists before their bosses

German activists today launched a website that allegedly includes the profiles of 1,500 participants in the far-right marches last September in Chemnitz, in western Germany, to provide information to companies on the ideology of their employees.

This action is signed by the Center for Political Beauty (ZPS), the same one that raised a little over a year ago a replica of the monument to the victims of the Berlin Holocaust in front of the house of Björn Höcke, representative of the most radical wing of the far right Alternative for Germany (AfD), which questioned that the country should have in its capital "a monument of shame".

According to Phillip Ruch, artistic director of the ZPS, the action in front of Höcke's house was "child's play" compared to the dimension of the research carried out for this project, in which the activists claim to have uncovered the identity of 1,524 "deserters of democracy" who invite to denounce their employers.

However, he said, it is not a "denunciation", because what is being addressed is "a spectrum of opinions beyond democratic discourse".

"Chemnitz could be the 2018 event in Germany, we have entered into a phase of denial that we want to break with this action," he added, referring to extreme right-wing demonstrations and xenophobic incidents in that city that followed the death of a 35-year-old German. of Cuban origin at the hands of alleged asylum seekers.

According to Cecy Leonard, head of ZPS planning, "the power and influence of companies is enormous", so they thought that was where they had to act.

The portal, which bears the name of "Soko Chemnitz" (Chemnitz Special Commission) offers the possibility for companies to position themselves and to find out if their own employees participated in the Chemnitz riots ", as can be read on the initial page.

It offers a "catalog of ideological patients" with a name, the first letter of the surname, a photo in most cases, a scale of how far they are right-wingers, a brief "intellectual curriculum", the reason for which they are sought and the possibility for the user to provide more information about the profiles, add photos and contact the employer, explained Stefan Pelzer.

The most important option, he said, is that which offers the possibility to the person uncovered in the profile to be erased from the file as long as he signs a declaration of "commitment to the rule of law".

The file offers profiles of public figures as well as "simple ultras" who accuse, persecute and defame in the networks, as well as a third group of 24 people not identified by those who, because they participated or witnessed serious crimes, offered a reward .

To develop profiles, activists claim to have tracked the activity of these people in social networks and have had the collaboration of experts on the far right.

For employers, the portal offers the possibility of downloading letters of dismissal "for reasons of disability of character" or "for damages to the reputation" of the company, a search engine to detect the employees themselves, a "code of conduct" to sign voluntarily, space for publicity and also advice.

"We can not leave what happened in Chemnitz in the hands of politics and criminal organizations, it is a process that concerns the whole society and to which we must all join," said Pelzer.

Therefore, activists invite users to report "even today" to neighbors and acquaintances.

"Help us to remove the corresponding problematic Germans from our economy and the public function," they appeal.

The activists affirmed that this week they plan to contact fifty of the companies that have one of the people that appear on the file and assured that the contacted employers were grateful for the information received.

The ZPS calls those who doubt the credibility of their project and the identity of the people presented to make their own inquiries.

By Elena Garuz


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