Gerardo Cuerva: «It is not worth putting your hand in the profits of companies»

The president of Cepyme, Gerardo Cuerva, in Granada. / RAMON L. PEREZ

The president of Cepyme insists, after the failure of collective bargaining, that "the unions know that to get out of this situation they have to contain wages"


Barely a week has passed since employers and unions announced the momentary end of collective bargaining, the process called to address the rise in wages in a context of high inflation. Gerardo Cuerva, the president of Ceppyme, one of the actors in those conversations, insists that it would be counterproductive to enter a spiral of raising wages at the rate set by inflation, in his response to the unions. At the same time, he warns the government that limiting company profits by law would also have detrimental effects on companies.

This is how it responds to the Government's request to limit benefits, or dividends, within the Income Agreement promoted by the Executive. "What is not worth it, as the Vice President of the Government says, is intervening in the profits that fell from the sky of the companies," says Cuerva in an interview with the Ideal newspaper. "That will be in other latitudes, because in Spain legal certainty is a basic principle," she points out. "What is not worth it is putting your hand in the drawer of companies, at least, in the world in which I live," Cuerva points out.

The president of Cepyme also refers to the breakdown of negotiations with the unions to address the wage increase proposed by the unions, to link it with the IPC clause. Cuerva insists that "we must be aware that we come out of this together." And he recalls that "the unions know that to get out of this situation it is necessary to contain wages." "We don't say don't go up. There are niches that work and wages are rising without moderation. The unions have to be aware », he indicates.

To get out of the current inflationary situation, Cuerva admits that "it is very complicated to control." And he warns that we must be careful with the rate hike, "lest in the end we are going to cool down the economy." That is why he insists on containing the sllarios. «The Government itself does it with civil servants, who rise 2%. But what will happen to their pensions? », He wonders. «56% of Spanish SMEs have seen their margins reduced. There is another leg that is not talked about and that is the administration itself. Citizens are tightening their belts, the company is tightening its belt and the administration is not. I ask for efficiency », he clarifies, referring to his calculation of 60,000 million euros in public spending that could be recomposed.

It also refers to the latest employment data and the effects of the labor reform. "Construction contracts, for example, have changed their name but remain the same," he clarifies. And he insists that "I don't like doing demagoguery with jobs, because it is time to bet on the company because it continues to have a very bad time."

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