March 1, 2021

Gerard Piqu loses his battle with the Treasury and will have to pay 2.1 million euros – The Province

The central FC Barcelona Gerard Piqué He has lost his battle with the Tax Agency. The National Court has dismissed the contentious-administrative appeal filed by the player to stop the decision of the Central Economic Administrative Court (TEAC), so it will have to pay 2.1 million euros to the Treasury.

The amount that Gerard Piqué will have to pay includes back taxes and fines for the years 2008, 2009 and 2010. Treasury considers that the defense would have simulated to cede its image rights to an own company called Kerad Project to pay a smaller amount. In this way, Piqué paid the corporation tax at a rate of 30%, instead of paying as an individual in the IRPF, with a tax of 45%.

The TEAC, in the resolution issued in December 2016, condemned the Catalan player to pay 1,457,855.61 euros for back taxes. And also added 678,012.59 euros in fines. Pique could still choose a way to avoid payment. The player may appeal the decision of the National High Court and present a cassation appeal. Raising the case to the Supreme Court.

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