Georgina Rodríguez: "Thanks to love, my life is a dream"

"Many know my name, few know who I am," he says Georgina Rodriguez As soon as 'Soy Georgina' begins, a docureality in which she exhibits her life of love and luxury with her partner and her children, but also sheltered by her friends who call her a "loving madrasa", "not at all self-centered" and "generous".

A dream life surrounded by bodyguards. Impressive houses, haute couture dresses and jewelry. It overwhelms the life of the model Georgina (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1994) with more than 28 million followers on Instagram.

"I like jewelry with a tracksuit, there are those who don't understand it, they will understand"says Georgina in one of the ten episodes of the reality show that Netflix will premiere on January 27, coinciding with the 28th birthday of the protagonist, who loves to eat sweets and sing.

In the documentary, Georgina, proud of her origins and her family, shows herself to be a self-confident woman. "Thanks to love, now my life is a dream."

Geo, for his intimates, She grew up in the rural environment of Jaca (Huesca) and, after saving some money working as a waitress, she settled in Madrid, began as a salesperson for Gucci, where she crossed paths with Christian, "his blue prince", the striker who changed his life. "He is a super normal, wonderful man, the best footballer in the world".

As soon as I met him, "I started to feel tickles in my stomach, I didn't even want to look at it, I was embarrassed", says Georgiona, who assures that when their hands collided with those of the footballer, they immediately intertwined. "I felt as if those hands had been with me many times, they were familiar hands that fit perfectly."

It changed his life. He came to work by bus and came home in Bugatti. "I know what it's like to have nothing. And I know what it's like to have everything," says the model, who does not hide her humble origins in which a good summer plan was "sandwiches and watermelon."

The first times he went to Cristiano's house he got lost, "I tried to go to the kitchen to get water and suddenly I didn't know how to get back, it took me half an hour to find it, it's so big", bill.

A fashion lover, in the reality show she sees how the doors of Jean Paul Gaultier's workshop open for her. A trip that she makes accompanied by a couple of friends. "The jet makes my life a lot easier".

As a result of her relationship with Cristiano, her first daughter, Alana, was born in 2017, the forward's fourth daughter and the first not to be conceived by surrogacy. Before, his brothers Cristiano JR (2010) and the twins Eva María and Mateo (2017) had been born. Now, this couple is expecting twins. "The peace I need is at home with Cris, with our children".

"As a mom I am tremendously loving and a bit soft, my children can do whatever they want with me, I love them so much that I am incapable of being strict with them," says the model, who appears in the reality show picking them up from school, feeding them or preparing their bags for extracurricular activities.

She has the help of her friend, Elena, who, in addition to helping her with the outfits, also helps her with the children, "we understand each other perfectly".

In another of the chapters cleaning her fancy bags and packing a consensual suitcase with her friend that is on the other side of the phone; "Damn with Wi-Fi, four devices at home and no Wi-Fi."

Consider that you have your own style. "Many times they have tried to change my style, but if I don't feel like myself, I don't wear it, I don't like being insecure".

A comfort that you also look for at home, advised by your leading interior designer. "I want this house more homogeneous, do not mix patterns with marble, do not put plastic flowers on me, do not put books on me, not many things so as not to clean the dust a lot."

Her friends say she is generous, polite, respectful and fun.. Grouped on whatsapp under 'Dear Team', Georgina suggests they go see Formula 1 in Monaco and stay on the yacht. "Cris likes that I enjoy the yacht with my friends."

"The yacht is my second home," says Georgina naturally., who assures that "what really gives me happiness is my family and friends, with whom I also form a family."

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