"Genoa belongs to the affiliates, the buildings are not to blame for anything"

The president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has canceled one of the star plans of his predecessor in office, Pablo Casado: the sale of the party's national headquarters, at number 13 on Calle de Génova in Madrid. This was confirmed this Monday by the general coordinator, Elías Bendodo, at a press conference after the usual meeting of the Management Committee.

The number three of the PP has ensured that the building, which also houses the headquarters of the Madrid PP, "belongs to the affiliates." Bendodo has also argued that "the buildings are not to blame for anything", in response to the reason Casado gave precisely for putting it up for sale: pointing to the headquarters as one of the symbols of the party's corrupt past, specifically the Gürtel plot.

Casado announced the sale of Genoa after the debacle of the Catalan elections of February 2021 and before the start of the trial, the second, by the so-called box B of the PP. A year later, when Feijóo presented the guarantees to present himself to the congress that elected him as successor at the head of the PP, the Galician asked for "time" to take office and study the operation. Now, three months later, the PP has confirmed that it is canceling the operation.

The PP thus puts an end to an operation for which it hired a consultant who was going to look for a new property in which to stay. Neither the former nor the current address have disclosed the amount of the contract.

The resignation of the PP to sell its headquarters, which until now Feijóo had not wanted to confirm if it had the intention of continuing it or not, comes in full publication of a series of audios confiscated from former commissioner José Manuel Villarejo in which he speaks, among other people, with the former general secretary of the party, María Dolores de Cospedal, on the preparations for what would later become Operation Kitchen, the alleged conspiracy by the PP and both police and parapolice elements to destroy the evidence of PP corruption that the former treasurer kept, Luis Barcenas.

The PP has already been sentenced three times by the National High Court in cases of corruption. The second is the sentence of the trial that began precisely in the week in which Casado said that he wanted to change venue. The Supreme Court has also confirmed such corruption.

"I believe that we should not continue in a building whose reform is being investigated this week in court," Casado said then, who blamed these scandals for the dismal result of the PP in Catalonia. “We cannot continue paying bills for what we do not know about,” he settled before his National Executive Committee. “From today this management will not give explanations on any past issue. We cannot afford it anymore with the judicial calendar that is approaching, ”he concluded.

The communicative strategy is being traced by Feijóo. This same Monday, Bendodo has insisted on considering things "of the past" the scandals that have affected the leadership of the party and that concluded with a motion of censure that brought down the Government of Mariano Rajoy.

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