October 22, 2020

‘Genoa’ asks the PSOE to leave the “disqualifiers” and “partisanship” in order to reach an agreement

This is how ‘Genoa’ responded to the PSOE after the spokesperson for the Socialist Group, Adriana Lastra, described Pablo Casado as “a crier of extremism” and accused the PP of its “confrontational strategy” and “scorched earth policy” .

“We ask the Government and the PSOE to put aside the party strategy and the disqualifications and negotiate with the PP for the good of Spain,” said the “popular”.

In any case, PP sources have indicated that their hand “remains extended” to the Government to work until the last day in order to reach an agreement on health and the EU for the benefit of all Spaniards. “There is margin until the plenary session of the week of the 20”, they add from the PP.

The PP has indicated that it is not going to get up from the negotiating table and has called on the Executive and the PSOE to “put their shoulders down, stop thinking partisanly, abandon the disqualifications and continue negotiating with this party,” according to the same sources, who emphasize that their loyalty is to the Spanish.


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