Genius or Vandal? Madrid will host the first major exhibition on Banksy in Spain

Genius or Vandal? Madrid will host the first major exhibition on Banksy in Spain

On December 6, 2018, the exhibition will open its doors at the IFEMA exhibition center, IFEMA 5.1 BANKSY. Genius or Vandal?, the first shows about the mysterious British artist of "street art" that is organized in Spain.

BANKSY: Genius or Vandal? brings us closer to the controversial artistic universe of one of the most influential creators of recent years, through different thematic areas and more than 70 creations -some of which will be for sale- that include original works, sculptures, installations, videos and Photographs. The pieces, from private collections and with the collaboration of Lilley Fine Art / Contemporary Art Trader Gallery, are exhibited in Spain for the first time.

A impressive surround audiovisual installation specially created for this exhibition will welcome the visitor, revealing clues about the mysterious artist, highlighting his most important pieces and framing his unusual trajectory, not without controversy. Among the most recognized works of the exhibition is the original silkscreen of the series "Girl with a balloon", similar to the one recently destroyed by the artist himself in an unprecedented action at Sotheby's, the auction house in London.

Genius or vandal? The public decides

Slippery, provocative, mysterious … Banksy, the British artist whose identity is still unknown, is considered as one of the main exponents of contemporary Street Art. His works, often satirical, address universal issues such as politics, culture or ethics. The aura of mystery that, by choice and necessity, is perpetuated whenever Banksy is mentioned, has made him a mythical figure of our time.

From the asphalt trenches, Banksy has defied the rules of the game of contemporary art. His visual protest has connected with a huge and heterogeneous public and today is one of the most recognized and admired artists among the younger generations.

In the words of Alexander Nachkebiya, curator of the Exhibition"Banksy has acquired the status of a phenomenon and is one of the most brilliant and important artists of our time, his work is a challenge to the system, a protest, an extremely well-constructed brand, a mystery, a disobedience to the law. .. We want each visitor to this exhibition to be able to solve for himself who Banksy really is: a genius or a thug ?, an artist or an entrepreneur ?, a provocateur or a rebel? Our exhibition aims to show the depth of talent of Banksy, its multiple layers and dimensions so that the visitors themselves can think and decide.His work, always current and very complete, delves into the soul of each of us.I suppose that all this makes him a genius for me. "

Organized by IQ Art Management and Sold Out, BANKSY. Genius or Vandal? arrives in Spain preceded by an unprecedented public success in Moscow and St. Petersburg, where it has been visited by more than 500,000 people.

BANKSY. Genius or Vandal? will last until March 10, 2019. Tickets for the exhibition can be purchased starting tomorrow, November 29 through:


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