Sat. Nov 16th, 2019

Generation Z resembles X

Young people born between 1995 and 2010 are called the Z generation. They have never known a world without internet and without mobile. They suffered in their immediate surroundings the ravages of the Great recession and since the attacks of 11-S from now on they are used to living with the threat of global terrorism.

These three circumstances mark them when it comes to identifying what their skills may be when they join – and some have already begun to do so – to the working world. And a study carried out by the consultant Gartner presented this week in Barcelona throws a surprising result.

This group has many more similarities with the generation X, that of those born in the seventies, which with the preceding one, that of the so-called
(young people born between 1980 and 1994, with whom they are often confused). Daniel Sánchez Reina, author of the study, believes that the factor that most affects generation Z is the insecurity they experienced as children. The
(Another of their names) "are the most pessimistic generation in decades," he summarizes.

Indeed, against the idealism of millennials , they opt for greater pragmatism, in the style of those between forty and fifty-odd today. The crisis makes a clear difference with the previous generation. They seek, as did those of generation X at the time, financial stability.

A study by the consultant Gartner says that the youngest dream of the fixed salary

Learning to manage them will be key for companies, because they will be the ones who, with their digital skills (watch twice as many videos on the smartphone as any other generation), will accelerate the technological transition of companies. "The millennials They take it for granted that they deserve what they still do not deserve. The centennials they do not take anything for granted, they are willing to work hard if they are rewarded, ”acknowledged by way of summary a CEO of a technology company in Gartner's study.

Your relationship with the company is ambivalent. “They usually ask the boss: what can I learn from you?” He says Roberto Rodriguez, from BBVA Next. In his opinion, “they are obsessed with having a career plan. For them it is something strategic, not tactical. They do not assume that they will ascend automatically. They are willing to work hard, but they want to know what their return is going to be. ”

Miguel Angel Rojas, from the IT department of Naturgy, underline more differences. "The millennials They think more in the present. They respect the hierarchy of the company because they want to raise these positions. The Z instead is constructive and interested in perspective. If he millennial He fails, he goes on to something else because he is confident. Z tends to learn more and maybe will try again, but in a different way. ”

For these reasons, the centennials neither do they see with good eyes jumping from one job to another if they don't get their aspirations, because they fear being unemployed. Therefore, they are willing to stay in the same company, if perhaps with a different role, a bit like the X generation, the last one who dreamed of working for a lifetime. Once again, it is insecurity that commands: “Instead of specializing in a field and presuming to know everything in an area, they prefer to be versatile, to be prepared to face a liquid and changing society,” according to the study.

Their relationship with privacy is not like that of millennials . They don't look so many anymore I
like and make more cautious use of social networks. As the mobile is their natural means to communicate, they have a lower degree of sociability in the office. They don't mind working with their devices from the loneliness of home. “They are not so interested in the reconciliation between work and the personal, but they mix it naturally,” explains Rodríguez.

The Z are the generation of Greta Thunberg. Its low sociability is compensated by a vocation to fight for more global causes. As an executive acknowledges, “they want to save the world. The millennials First of all they want to save themselves. ”

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