Gemeliers' forceful response to Kiko Jiménez after his criticism

'Secret Story: The night of the finalists' left us an important confrontation between Gemeliers and Kiko Jiménez. The artists did not hesitate to answer the collaborator for the criticism he made during the debate led by Jordi González: "Just because you make it to the final doesn't mean you deserve it. "

"My opinion: you have been very false, very hypocritical and you have always wanted to look good with everyone so as not to have enemies, to bring your line of singers who come to promote themselves ", continued Jiménez, adding that they were in" a coexistence reality show and there are sixteen more people ":"It does not fit in any head that there are no frictions. If there is someone you dislike and you go and tell them, it does not matter, it will not stain your image. That is my impression. "

After I came to ask them if they were this false in real life, Daniel Oviedo was the first of the Gemeliers who took the floor to respond with a certain tone of humor to Kiko Jiménez: "I'm worse. In the end, you have to save a little composure. It's true that my brother and I, whoever knows us in real life, are always laughing. "

"The truth is that I don't give a shit what this man says, honestly. I'm sorry"Jesus replied later, far from the humor his brother used. "It's a shame that he doesn't give a shit about my opinion, because many people who see you and haven't voted for you, you also give a shit about their opinion," replied Jiménez, who once again emphasized that they had gone to a reality show , not a talent: "So, you stay at home composing and sponsor yourself by other means".


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