'Gaza', the short film by Pérez and Bover awarded with the Goya, and 18 other films, inaugurate the SREC

The filmmakers Carles Bover and Julio Pérez.

The filmmakers Carles Bover and Julio Pérez.

The situation of the occupied territories of Palestine stars in the opening session of the 16th edition of the San Rafael en Corto Festival (SREC), which will begin this Saturday (7:30 p.m.), at the Víctor Jara de Vecindario Theater. The screening of the short film awarded with a Goya in 2019, 'Loop', by the directors Carles Bover and Julio Pérez, as well as 18 other works made in the Canary Islands, will be exhibited on the opening day, which will also feature musical performances by the Palestinian composer and musician Said Muti and the band Cold Lava.

The festival promoted by the Gran Angular Association with the help of the Gran Canaria Cabildo, Santa Lucía de Tirajana City Council and the Government of the Canary Islands, also opens the exhibition entitled 'There will be no peace without women', which highlights the voices of Palestinian women and Israelis dedicated to achieving peace between the two communities. During the opening ceremony, the president of the Palestinian community in the Canary Islands, Fatima Suleiman, will read a manifesto of solidarity with her people.

After the musical performances, Carles Bover and Julio Pérez will present 'Gaza', a documentary that reveals the violation of human rights suffered daily by its inhabitants, as well as the blockade and post-war situation in which the Palestinian population survives in the so-called Gaza Strip under the occupation of Israel. The aforementioned documentary, despite the strong efforts of the Government of Israel to censor it in its day, has become a tool for social transformation with cinema as an ally against barbarism.

On the first day of SREC, another 18 shorts will be screened, all of them made in the Canary Islands, while on the 8th, twenty-five works animate Program, in which the exhibition of those directed by the canaries Adrián González, 'La Silla Frente a la Ventana' and Ángel Hernández, 'Nom', stands out.

'Nom', the horror short by Gran Canaria Ángel Hernández that won the award for best film in the Hellbound Horror Festival, is a disturbing ten minute film shot in a simple but gimmicky style that creates a great atmosphere of terror in daylight and in open spaces, something that many horror films avoid. Shot with a budget of 500 euros, no member of the production team is professionally dedicated to cinema, which highlights the merit of its remarkable success.

For his part, Adrián González, presents 'The chair in front of the window', the most personal short film of his filmography, which won the audience award at the 21 Islands International last April New York Short Film Fest. The film, playing with metaphors and surrealism, makes the audience travel through uncertainty, pause and fear.

It should be remembered that in the 16th edition of the SREC festival, which this year takes place under the name 'Cinema and Commitment', a total of 111 short films will be screened. The public may attend Víctor Jara in person and free of charge, although they must withdraw the invitations for each of the sessions provided on the portal www.entrees.es

SREC will conclude on November 13 with the screening at 9:30 p.m. of the festival's record and with the delivery of the 'Camarito' to the directors present at the screening that will make up said record of this 16th edition, in whose selection it will play a decisive role the will of the public.


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