October 27, 2020

Gavarnie Valleys, explosion of nature and adventure

In the heart of the Pyrenees, where the summits touch the sky at more than 3,000 meters of altitude, we find a territory of authenticity, traditions and landscapes that will leave you breathless: Gavarnie Valleys. The greatness of its nature invites us to enjoy unusual places and unique panoramas.

The valleys of Argelès-Gazost, Barèges-Tourmalet, Cauterets, Gavarnie-Gèdre, Val d’Azun and Luz Saint-Sauveur… successfully link their skiable domains, Grands Sites Occitanie, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, International Sky Reserve Starry, spas and charming stone villages,

Gavarnie Valleys

Gavarnie Valleys

At the foot of the Gavarnie circus, at the summit of the Pic du Midi, climbing the Col du Tourmalet by bike or walking towards a lake in the Val d’Azun … The Gavarnie Valleys are a delight, in summer and winter, all in full National Park of the Pyrenees, but we will summarize what each valley has for both skiers and those who prefer other plans.


Its easy access together with the enormous beauty of this place make it one of the most visited sites of all the French Pyrenees, we can make a beautiful tour and ascent from the town of Gavarnie to the very feet of the imposing waterfall.

The Cirque de Gavarnie, classified as Grand Site Occitanie and UNESCO World Heritage, with one of the highest waterfalls in Europe (427m), is flanked by a large rock wall 600 meters in diameter and up to 1,500 meters from the slope bottom of the valley to the great peaks of more than 3,000 meters that guard it, among which the Pico and Casco de Marboré, the Taillón or the Great Astazu, which are part of the Massif of Monte Perdido stand out.

Gavarnie Glacier Circus culminating at 3000m altitude, with one of the highest waterfalls in Europe (427m)

Gavarnie Glacier Circus culminating at 3000m altitude, with one of the highest waterfalls in Europe (427m)

Gavarnie is a gateway to the Pyrenees National Park. Its two neighbors, the circuses of Troumouse and Estaubé They will leave you breathless before such beauty and unusual dimensions! Visit the 3 circuses: Gavarnie, Troumouse and Estaubé. It is worth it: the Gloriettes lake and the Saugué plateau.

Skiers will enjoy a domain with amazing views and little wait on the ski lifts. The diversity of the slopes allows the most advanced to enjoy the snow in both alpine and freeride skiing. Beginners can practice throughout the domain thanks to the longest green track in the Pyrenees that allows skiing from the highest point of the domain to the foot of the track with 6 km of really easy descent.

Barèges- Tourmalet

At the foot of the Tourmalet, the Barèges Valley allows you to associate sports activities and moments of relaxation thanks to its hot springs, which in turn allow you to treat rheumatology and ENT. The perched villages of Sers, Betpouey, Viey and Viella are typical examples of mountain architecture.

The spectacular Pic du Midi With its 2877 meters of altitude, it offers us one of the best panoramas of the Pyrenees, accessible by cable car, declared an International Starry Sky Reserve. – The Néouvielle Reserve , with its lakes and ridges in a perfectly preserved high mountain environment. A gold mine for photographers, a pleasure for walkers.

Grand Tourmalet and in the background at the top the Pic du Midi

Grand Tourmalet and in the background at the top the Pic du Midi

Skiers can enjoy on the slopes of the largest domain of the French Pyrenees with more than one hundred kilometers. Everything is designed for beginners (a covered carpet) and for freeride lovers: we have already warned, the descent of the Pic du Midi is an incomparable experience!

Installed comfortably in a sleigh pulled by huskies, you will cross the snowy slopes of the Plateau de Lienz; unless you prefer to discover the domain aboard a snow or snowmobile. The Barèges valley can be discovered in different ways: with snowshoes among the pines or with cross-country skiing.

Valley of Luz-Saint-Sauveur

Packed with beautiful perched villages, the Luz-Saint-Sauveur Valley invites you to live in immersion in mountain life: from the unique flavors of local products to authenticity of its people and its warm welcome, without forgetting the delicacy of the sun’s rays that illuminate Luz and its peaks … a whole lifestyle!

Luz gathers historical and cultural wealth in large part thanks to Napoleon III: fortified church, Solférino chapel, Napoleón bridge and thermal zones.

Ardiden light

Ardiden light

Ardide lightn is located about ten kilometers from Luz-Saint-Sauveur, offers a domain of 65 km of ski slopes for all ages and levels. It is a station with a family vocation, in which they offer a customized service. The snow is secured through 116 canyons. You can practice alpine skiing, snowboarding, Nordic skiing, snowshoeing and hiking. Its landscape is one hundred percent alpine and during the day, the snow stadium offers all the facilities for skiing. In the late afternoon, it’s time to enjoy the irresistible charm of the villages of the valley.

Cauterets-Pont d’Espagne

Located in the heart of the Pyrenees National Park, Cauterets It represents both the charm of a mountain town and the elegance of a seaside resort. Its hot springs made it the Pyrenean capital of French high society in the 1920s and emerged in the 1960s as a national destination.

Just 7 km away is the Pont d’Espagne, one of the Grands Sites in the Occitanie region, where you can admire an exceptional place with numerous waterfalls, starting points for routes and mountain lakes. Lake Gaube is undoubtedly the best known, accessed by ski lifts or on foot.

Cauterets, was the Pyrenean capital of French high society in the 20s and emerged in the 60s as a national destination.

Cauterets, was the Pyrenean capital of French high society in the 20s and emerged in the 60s as a national destination.

Relax in the naturally warm waters of the Bains du Rocher, in the indoor and outdoor swimming pools, in winter and in summer. – Visit the city and get impregnated with its Belle Epoque atmosphere.

Two skiable domains allow you to practice alpine skiing in El Circo de Lys with 24 tracks and 3 freestyle areas, all located between 1730 and 2450 meters high, such as Nordic skiing in Puente de España (cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, sledding. ..).

Argelès-Gazost Valley

A privileged tourist destination, the ideal location of Argelès-Gazost always attracts its strategic location and microclimate. Its palm trees, its English-style park and its large villas have given the beautiful thermal city the nickname “Little Nice.” Taking height, we arrive at Hautacam, a place of emblematic passage of the Tour de France, a leisure park open all year round, with breathtaking views.

VIstas from Hautacam station

VIstas from Hautacam station

The Argelès-Gazost Valley has everything you need to enjoy the winter at the gates of the ski resorts. The closest is Hautacam and concentrates all the pleasures of snow. The slopes are open for fans to enjoy skiing, snowboarding or sledding, sliding safely or, walking with snowshoes towards magnificent views

Val d’Azun

Let yourself be seduced by its authentic villages, its poetic bridges, its preserved nature, its mountain lakes, its farms and herds . Pastoralism is the soul of these mountains of the Pyrenees National Park, which live to the rhythm of the seasons and give the cheese of Val d’Azun.

Val d'Azun ski resort

Val d’Azun ski resort

In winter, the valley keeps its natural charm and we can discover it with snowshoes or cross-country skiing. The Nordic area of ​​Val d’Azun is the largest in the Hautes-Pyrenees with 90 kilometers of tracks between large spaces and pine forests. The Nordic Park In the Col de Couraduque it is the preferred domain of children and has two transport mats to learn alpine skiing and sledding with total safety.

The new “Grand Ski Pyrénées” ski pass

The new “Grand ski Pyrénées” ski pass allows skiing in 5 alpine ski areas and 3 Nordic ski spaces.

Alpine domains: Grand Tourmalet – Pic du Midi, Cauterets, Luz Ardiden, Gavarnie-Gèdre and Hautacam. The Nordic spaces: Val d’Azun, Hautacam and the Pont d’Espagne in Cauterets.

It is a unique opportunity, whether for a short or long stay and enjoy any activity in the snow and of course skiing in the Gavarnie Valleys.

€ 20 Single Card Valid 6 consecutive days

10% to 15% discount on the 5 domains of alpine skiing and 3 Nordic areas

Direct access to the slopes There is no need to go to the box.

I PAY IF I SKI! Only ski days are charged


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