May 18, 2021

Gastn Mora takes control of the XII League of Gran Canaria – La Provincia

Gastn Mora takes control of the XII League of Gran Canaria - La Provincia

The absence of David Pérez Talavera for paternity allowed Gastón Mora to take control of the triumph in the XII Gran Canaria League of orientation races before the last two events, held last weekend in Llanos de la Pez and Arucas. Both competitions decided the different categories, of which winners were Michael Löfgren in M-45, Alberto Castellano in M-35, Óscar García in M-21, Sabela Torres in F-21, Valetino Pasquale in M-18, by only one point of difference with Sergio Ojeda; Nira Jiménez in F-18, Óscar Alejandro Torrealba in M ​​/ F-16 and Juan Carlos Segade in M ​​/ F-14. In pairs, after the completion of the nine races, the couple that scored the most points was Roman Dudek and Francisco Gómez, although after applying the 5% bonus to Patricia Madrid and Juan Carlos Castellano for being a mixed couple, they rose up with the final victory by only 1.5 points. Almudena Rodríguez and Nelsón Hernández won in senior couples.

Mora left last Saturday at the Summit knowing that he was already a champion of the elite category. Even so, the OrientaGC runner got a second place just behind the Finnish international runner Alvar Palmen, who completed the course of 22 beacons in 1 hour, 11 minutes and 18 seconds, 20 minutes better than Mora and 28 below the record of Néstor Manuel Báez, who finished third. The absence of Talavera, champion last season, left excitement to the competition held on Sunday in the neighborhood of La Goleta, in which Báez, of the MajoAventura team, won the victory followed by teammate Héctor García and Maikel Fernández . In the League, Mora took first place with 567 points with his six best results of the nine tests, second was Talavera with 545 and third Unai Santana with 483.

In M-45 (over 45 years old), Michael Löfgren got full results with 600 points thanks to the triumph achieved on Saturday in Los Llanos de la Pez. Gustavo de Armas took second place with 516 points and Modesto Castrillo (454) finished third. While Löfgren was the winner in the upper part of the island, the Finnish Mika Westermarck did the same in the competition held in the vicinity of the prey of the Pinto.

The championship within the corridors of the M-35 category was going to be tighter. Alberto Castellano started with an advantage over Ibon Basozabal, but the latter's second place in Los Llanos de la Pez, just behind Nacho Palla, by the fourth of the first one, made The Schooner both were separated by 18 points. The victory of Castellano in Arucas gave him the championship with 592 points, while Basozabal took second place in the race and in the championship (566 points). The third box of the podium went to Nacho Palla with 509.

Óscar García revalidated the championship achieved last year in M-21. The one of Teror won in lanos de la Pez and thus managed to become champion of mathematical form with 577 points since his main follower, Aitor Déniz, remained at three points (574) after the triumph achieved in Arucas. Jaime Vega, meanwhile, took third place (401 points) after the second and third place achieved during the weekend.

The tightest category was M-18. Valentino Pasquale and Sergio Ojeda played it in the last two tests. Both came with two wins each during the season and were going to share the victories this weekend. Pasquale did it in Llanos de la Pez, with little more than a minute of advantage with Sergio Ojeda, who set the best time in La Goleta. However, the little more than two minutes of difference in the test held on Sunday did not earn him to take the championship, which went to the hands of Pasquale with 583.7 points for the 582.2 of Ojeda. Javier Andrés Pacheco finished third (562).

There was also excitement in M ​​/ F-16. The team runners Agüico Óscar Alejandro Torrealba, Alejandro Hernández and José Luis Curbelo came to the last race with victory options, the latter thanks to the victory in lanos de la Pez. And it was Torrealba, who needed a win and depended on the results of the other competitors, who took the championship. This marked the best time in the northern municipality and ahead in almost 15 minutes to Curbelo and more than half an hour to Hernandez. This caused that it was made with the League with only 6 point of advantage with respect to Hernandez, 570 by 564, and 13 with Curbelo (557). Andrea Fernández finished fourth (426) and Inés Brito fifth (422).

In F-18, Nira Jiménez got 600 points in the championship ahead of Gara Torres and Alba Caballero, while in F-21 the win went to Sabela Torres, second finished Noemí Sánchez and Helena Perdomo was third. Among the youngest, who participate in M ​​/ F-14, Juan Carlos Segade achieved the championship thanks to the two victories won last weekend. César Augusto Pacheco finished second and José Juan Pérez took third place on the podium. Fourth and fifth were Paula Mendoza and Amanda Llop, respectively.

In veteran couples, the two victories achieved by Roman Dudek and Francisco Gómez they did not serve to overcome Patricia Madrid and Juan Carlos Castellano, who won the championship thanks to the coefficient of 5% given to them for being mixed. Héctor Bolaños and María A. García finished third in the championship. And in senior couples, Almudena Rodríguez and Nelsón Hernández also managed to win, and with it the championship, ahead of Neftalí Ramírez and Andrea Rodríguez, and Verónica Domínguez and Saulo Padrón, second and third respectively.


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