Gasparri-Valentini and Gianotti-Spoto are crowned in the Sand Series Beachtennis Gran Canaria 2022

Antomi Ramos and her partner Michelle Cappelletti. / MEDIUM PRESS

Winners of the tournament are proclaimed in front of full stands at Las Canteras del ITF

The Sand Series ITF Beachtennis Gran Canaria Classic 2022 You already have winners. The couple
Nicolas Gianotti and Mattia Spoto in the male category and the Italians
Giulia Gasparri and Ninny Valentini In the women's category, the winners of this 14th edition were proclaimed, which filled the Las Canteras arena with the best live beach tennis of the moment.

Gran Canaria once again became the epicenter of the best beach tennis in the world, hosting spectacular matches for a whole week in which
the biggest players on the planetconfirming that the island of Gran Canaria is a world reference in this discipline.

twelve tracks with the best sand to practice this sport on a beach, Las Canteras, with the perfect conditions for holding a championship at the highest level. And all this, moreover, in the midst of an incredible atmosphere of full stands and a large audience gathered from the avenue, applauding and enjoying each game.

The women started with an exciting final between the Italians Giulia Gasparri and Ninny Valentini, number one and number two in the world respectively, and the couple formed by the Italian Flaminia Daina and the Brazilian Rafaella Miiller, champion of the last edition. The players were very equal, starring in a first set at a dizzying pace that ended in favor of the Italians 6-3.
Daina and Miiller jumped into the sand with the intention of turning the score around and had some spectacular points, but the favorites won the second set again 6-3.

“We are very happy with this victory, we played hard and we feel very satisfied”, assured Gasparri at the end of the match,
"This tournament is fantastic, I love playing here". She agreed with her partner Valentini in praising the competition, "the island is a great place, the atmosphere, the temperature is perfect, it is an ideal place to compete."

Maximum expectation on center court before the duel that has faced the champions of the last edition, the local idol
Antomi Ramos and his partner Michelle Cappelletti against the top seeds of the tournamentFrenchman Nicolas Gianotti and Italian Mattia Spoto.

Very disputed points and infarct plays raised the public assistant in a first set of clear superiority by the Italian-French couple who scored the first half 6-0. The second set started again with a very accurate Gianotti and a rapport with his partner, with up to three games ahead for them before Ramos and Cappelleti released their scoreboard.

The momentum of the public, which has not stopped applauding, helped them add. But the second set was decided again in favor of their rivals who added a second set and a 6-3 victory.
"It's been amazing", pointed out the French Gianotti, «a match full of emotions and adrenaline. It's possibly the best game I've ever played in my life.
I am very satisfied to be in Gran Canaria, it is a great tournament, a great organization and a spectacular place ». For his part, Spoto stressed "that at this point we are already facing high-level players, we are very happy."

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