July 25, 2021

Gaspar Noé's macabre dance triumphs in Sitges | Culture

Gaspar Noé's macabre dance triumphs in Sitges | Culture

Frame from 'Clímax', by Gaspar Noé. In video, trailer of 'Clímax'.

The psychedelic and bloody journey of Gaspar Noé, the lysergic macabre dance of the still enfant terrible of French cinema, Climax, he has imposed himself on a good collection of arduous competitors, including the lysergic one, but in a digresive narrative sense to David Foster Wallace, David Robert Mitchell's second shot, Under the Silver Lake (who did not go home empty-handed, but with the special mention of the critics), in the list of winners of this 51st edition of the Fantastic Film Festival of Sitges.

Although crowned with the highest distinction (and also with the Meliès de Oro), the Noé tape has not taken any other award. The jury made a special mention to the complicated relationship between the Marchioness and the peasant of Lazzaro Felice, of the Italian Alice Rohrwacher, and has awarded the prize for the best address to the son of George P. Cosmatos (creator of Rambo 2), Panos Cosmatos, for the vengeful and atmospheric action gore Mandy, with the star guest of this edition, Nicolas Cage, in front.

As far as the interpretive field is concerned, Hasan Majuni, the ill-fated Iranian film director who stars Pig, who has to face an assassin of Iranian film directors and the loss of his muse, has taken the Best Male Performance, and Andrea Riseborough, the Nancy of Nancy, the film by Christina Choe about the danger of playing with fire (and with a multiple identity) on the Internet, that of the female category.

Finally, the brilliant Quentin Dupieux, master of the absurd French, won the best screenplay for the story of a neighbor who should never have found a corpse before the door to avoid having to suffer the endless interrogation of a detective who, when smoking, gives off smoke everywhere: Au Post!. The drama black and white of Upgrade, the film about a guy in unstoppable technological evolution, convinced the public to win the award for best film among festival attendees.


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