Gasoline exceeds its historical record more than nine years later

The price of gasoline has risen for the fifth consecutive week to set a new record of 1,538 euros per liter, thus beating the previous all-time high recorded in September 2012, more than nine years ago, when it was 1,522 euros. These are data released this Thursday by the Oil Bulletin of the European Union (EU), according to which diesel is sold at 1,422 euros.

This last fuel chained six weeks on the rise, is 1.6% below its historical maximum and marks its fifth highest price since records exist.

With increases of 1.2 and 1.4% in the last week, respectively, both fuels maintain the upward trend with which they started 2022, registering increases in the first five weeks of the year after the respite provided by both fuels during the past Christmas.

In this sense, gasoline and diesel have resumed the climb that began in November 2020, when they began to rise almost uninterruptedly, and which led them to almost exceed their all-time highs two months ago.

With these prices, filling an average 55-liter tank with gasoline currently costs more than 84 euros, while with diesel it reaches 78 euros.

Compared to the same week of 2021, gasoline now costs 25% more, compared to 28% that diesel has risen, while if the prices of the same week of 2020 are analyzed, a few months before the pandemic broke out , gasoline is 17% more expensive and diesel 15%.

In addition, in the last month gasoline has become more expensive by 4%, while the price of diesel has risen almost 6%

Still below the European average

Despite the high levels recorded by both fuels in Spain, their price remains below the European average, which according to the Oil Bulletin stands at 1.68 euros per liter for gasoline, and 1.567 euros for diesel.

The countries with the most expensive gasoline in Europe are still the Netherlands (2.01 euros), Finland (1,888 euros) and Denmark (1,857 euros), while diesel with the highest price is found in Sweden, with a price of 2,035 euros, followed again by Finland (1,811 euros) and the Netherlands (1,716 euros).

On the opposite side are Bulgaria (1,240 euros), Poland (1,282 euros) and Romania (1,319 euros), which have the cheapest gasoline on the continent, while Malta, with a price of 1.21 euros per litre, Bulgaria (1,267 euros) and Poland (1,292 euros) have the cheapest diesel.

The price of fuel in Spain is also lower than that of the great European powers, such as Germany, where gasoline is paid at 1,772 euros and diesel at 1,644 euros; France, with a price of 1,746 euros in the case of gasoline and 1,670 euros for diesel; and Italy, which reaches 1,796 euros for gasoline and 1,667 euros for diesel.

For its part, Portugal also has a higher fuel price than in Spain, specifically with 1,758 euros for a liter of gasoline and 1,621 euros for diesel.

In addition, the average price of fuel in Spain is also below the average of the 19 countries that make up the eurozone: 1,745 euros per liter in the case of gasoline and 1,606 euros for diesel.

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