February 25, 2021

Gasoline and diesel again become more expensive and add two weeks of increases

The liter of gasoline and diesel oil has become more expensive, more than 0.3%, so the price of both fuels is already two weeks up to sell at an average of 1.312 and 1.205 euros, respectively, according to the data from the EU Oil Bulletin collected by Efe.

In particular, the price of gasoline has risen by 0.31% in the last week, while diesel has risen by 0.3%.

With these data, filling an average fuel tank of 55 liters costs this week more than 72 euros and doing it with diesel 66 euros.

Since the beginning of the year, both fuels have increased by more than 11% and 6%, respectively, while compared to the same week of 2018, a fall of around 1% and 2% has been recorded.

For its part, in the last month the price of gasoline has risen slightly by 0.4% and that of diesel by 0.5%.

The price of gasoline, which started the year at 1.18 euros, exceeded 1.3 euros per liter in mid-April, while the price of gasoline, which moved below 1.2 euros since mid-June , has again exceeded this figure.

The prices of gasoline and diesel remain below the maximum values ​​reached by these fuels, at around 14% in the first case and more than 16% in the second.

Both marked their record the week of September 3, 2012, when they stood at 1,179 and 1,13 euros, respectively.

It should also be noted that at the beginning of May both gasoline and diesel marked an annual maximum with a price of 1,437 and 2.58 euros, respectively.

95-octane unleaded petrol is sold at an average of 1.43 euros per liter in the EU-28 and in the euro zone is paid at 1.48 euros per liter, while the price of automotive diesel is 1 , 32 in the EU-28 and in the eurozone, according to the same source.

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