June 17, 2021

Garzón summons the autonomous communities to address “the harmful effects of gambling”

The Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, has convened for next Monday, September 21, the Gambling Policy Council, the equivalent of the sectoral commissions that exist in other ministries, to address together with the autonomous communities the problem of houses betting.

According to ministry sources, the objective of the meeting, which will be blended in nature, is to “initiate a common work” to address “a shared model in preventing the harmful effects of gambling” with the regional governments, which are the competences in face-to-face gaming. This is the first meeting of this body since 2018.

The same sources recall that Garzón already advanced in July, during an appearance in Congress, that the registry of bans on access to gambling (where people who ask that their access to physical or online gambling be denied) is one of the fields of work that become relevant in the framework of coordination with the CCAA.

Currently, the General State Administration has a record of self-prohibited, of people who do not want to play, which in 2019 surpassed the barrier of 50,000 registered for the first time, but only one autonomous community, Castilla-La Mancha, shares its registry with the state one.

“The homogeneous regulation of the registration of interdictions is still not shared between administrations and the attempts to solve the problem have come to nothing,” the ministry explains. This lack of coordination means that a person registered in Spain in an autonomous self-prohibited registry can play without problems traveling to a border region.

As Garzón said in Julio, this type of tools “should serve the public administration to control the phenomenon” of addictive gambling but “ultimately they are not used because there is no will to sit down and coordinate. We have that will and we are convinced that within successful coordination can be put into place from our constitutional system. ” “It is not a problem of competences per se, it is a problem that the autonomous communities have not had enough help to coordinate.”

The main “lagoon”

The minister already announced on February 28, in his first appearance as minister in Congress, the convening of that sectoral conference, but the meeting had to be postponed due to the health emergency of the coronavirus. In July, it announced that it would be held in the second half to “launch a comprehensive approach” in preventing gambling addiction because, “from a quantitative point of view, the biggest gap” in preventing gambling. addictions “is in the realm of face-to-face houses”, once the new regulation on online gambling advertising is about to come into force, scheduled for October.

As Garzón said in July, “with the arrival of the pandemic the deployment of the gambling houses has been spectacular territorially, there have been some regulatory changes to regulate it in some autonomous communities, but in general we have a very important asymmetry because it is an autonomous competition and, therefore, our goal is to promote common criteria, ultimately, coordinate a response to this phenomenon. ”


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