March 1, 2021

Garzón sees "unacceptable" that the CIS asks about removing the absolute majority in the Constitution to invest president

"These types of CIS questions are unacceptable. They put the institution at the service of the Government and incorporate us into the path of 'demonstrative populism'," Garzón wrote in his Twitter account.

Along with the message, Garzón has added an image with question number 38 of the sociological barometer, which reads: "Do you think that the Spanish Constitution should be reformed, to dispense with the requirement of the absolute majority, to elect the President of the Government in the Spanish Parliament? "

On July 11, the acting President of the Government and candidate for reelection, Pedro Sánchez, revealed in an interview on RTVE that the "first country agreement" that he will propose if he is invested president will be the reform of article 99 of the Constitution to prevent the investiture from being blocked.

Article 99 is the one that requires the candidate for the Presidency of the Government to obtain the absolute majority in the Congress in the first vote of investiture and simple majority in the second, and establishes a period of two months to process new proposals before the electoral repetition .

"Can you imagine a future right-wing government asking trustingly 'for the death penalty' and legislating about it?", The leader of the United Left has apostilled in the same message published on the social network.

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