Garzón insists on "stopping" the macro-farms after the meeting with the agrarian organization UPA




The Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, has tried to approach the livestock sector this Thursday and has held a meeting with the agricultural organization UPA. Meeting with UPA takes place within the unanimous rejection of the main livestock and agrarian organizations to the statements of the minister in 'The Guardian', who disqualified the meat from macrofarms based in Spain of "worse quality" than the rest. After the meeting, Garzón advanced that he will study the UPA proposals on the labeling of meat since "consumers have the right to know as precisely as possible where the products they are consuming come from." Specifically, this agrarian organization has proposed to the minister the implementation of a labeling that distinguishes the products from family farms and has invited you to visit farms with different production models after the elections in Castilla y León.

Far from rectifying, Garzón insisted on continuing to defend extensive, family and social livestock farming "which generates jobs and produces roots in the population." compared to the model of macro-farms, that is, "farms that need to be stopped and limited to protect the planet, the rural world and livestock ».

The head of Consumption also claimed that "all the reforms that the Government of Spain has made to protect this sector." In this sense, Garzón gave as an example the royal decree to make the hygienic-sanitary package more flexible and that facilitates marketing to small producers. “Social and family livestock represents a large part of the sector and has to be defended against threats such as macro-farms. We have always pointed out, in line with the mandates of the European Commission and in line with scientific evidence, the enormous social, ecological and economic cost that this production model produces ”, Garzón remarked.

Finally, in the note sent to the media, Garzón described as "very important" that citizens and consumers have the necessary tools to know "differentiate which products come from macro-farms" and which do not.

Specifically, the Union of Small Farmers demanded that he rectify his words about the quality of the meat and vindicated his fight for years against the so-called macrofarms. They also invited the minister to carry out a series of visits to farms of different types to know the reality of the sector. The appointment with Garzón also occurs one day after this agrarian organization together with Asaja, COAG and other entities such as the Royal Spanish Hunting Federation convened a unitary manifestation of the rural world against the "abandonment" of the Government on March 20 in Madrid. The organizers announced that they will hold meetings with political parties and representatives of civil society.

The meager list of defenders of the also leader of the United Left has added a new member. From Facua They have come out in defense of the Consumer Affairs minister. Its general secretary Rubén Sánchez has ensured that this consumer organization "Sign letter by letter the statements of Minister Garzón" and they have considered that he had the perfect right to make his demonstrations without counting on his colleague from the Council of Ministers Luis Planas. Sánchez has argued that among the bodies attached to the ministerial portfolio of the leader of Izquierda Unida is the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (Aesan).

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