Garrone takes his dogs for a walk

Garrone takes his dogs for a walk

Of the three films in competition we started with the worst: the co-production between Palestine, Holland and Mexico, "The reports on Sarah and Saleem", of Muayad Alayan, before which the first question is how do three different countries agree on such a horror? Tremendously confused, initiated by a love between a Palestinian and an Israelite, with the novelty that both are infidels to their respective partners. Absurd violent moments and absolute chaos in the story.

"The Miseducation Of Cameron Post", by Desir√©e Akhavan, is a North American production that continues with the tradition of institutions for teenagers that already initiated in a soft and sweet plan that "Goodbye, Mr. Chips", and that -in violent plan and years later- marked "If. … ", by Lindsay Anderson, and that we are now facing a Christian institution to" cure sexual issues ", perhaps abusing lesbianism because it is surely a more commercial issue, and very slightly contemplating male homosexuality, as well as the characters of two guardians who want to charge guilt to the person who has committed sin. In spite of everything, an entertaining movie.

The third film to contest is the Italian "Dogman", by Matteo Garrone, a work somewhat inferior to "Gomorra", by the same filmmaker whom he finally launched, but which is also a good film. We have a weakling protagonist, an award of interpretation in Cannes for this film, called Marcello Fonte, of which the aforementioned Garrone takes the whole game, putting him in counterpoint to an evil giant scoundrel. The weakest love dogs, has a care business, such as filing their nails or showering them, cutting off their hair ends, etc., while the scoundrel drives a motorcycle and makes the weak cocaine bandage but does not get paid. A film that has everything, including a charming girl, daughter of the weak, divorced from the mother. Very recommendable movie.


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