Garrido claims communities commitment to Spain from the Constitution

Garrido claims communities commitment to Spain from the Constitution

The president of the Community of Madrid, Ángel Garrido, today appealed to the spirit of the Constitution to demand from the autonomous communities a commitment to Spain, after the national unity has been placed in its judgment in question due to the political crisis in Catalonia .

In his first message of End of the Year to the people of Madrid, which has been issued on this occasion from the Castle of Manzanares el Real, Garrido has resorted to "the invitation to coexistence" which includes the Magna Carta, and which also claimed the king Felipe VI in his Christmas speech.

"We can not allow anyone to fracture society, violating the constitutional order and the rule of law," stressed the president, who has insisted that "it is not time to doubt the legitimacy of our democracy, but to enforce it."

For Garrido, institutional collaboration is necessary "at all levels", starting with the Government of the nation, to whom, he reiterated, he will continue to demand a reform of the regional financing so that the people of Madrid have the "fair treatment" they deserve.

"Two aspects that go hand in hand, because, personally, I do not conceive to work for Madrid if it is not also to work for Spain," he stressed.

In regional key, Garrido has remarked that this year has been "politically complex", circumstances that pushed him to become president of the Community of Madrid, after the resignation in May of Cristina Cifuentes because of the irregularities of his master.

Although 2018 has been a "complicated" year, he stressed that Madrid society and its institutions have demonstrated once again their capacity to overcome the "difficulties", which has allowed the region to continue advancing thanks to its "stability".


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