April 15, 2021

Garrido announces a new taxi regulation in Madrid – La Provincia

Garrido announces a new taxi regulation in Madrid - La Provincia

The president of the Community of Madrid,Angel Garrido, has expressed the intention of the Executive to address a new regulation for the taxi sector in the region in order to "liberalize something else" this activity.

"We have a very clear path that is that ofprovide taxi facilities, further liberalize its sector, allow that they can establish the prices or that the clients can share vehicles ", has assured to add that all these questions will be addressed in a future Regulation of the Taxi that is pending of approval.

The president of the Communityhe says he does not feel like a winner against taxi driversAfter this Tuesday, they decided to cancel the indefinite strike that they backed up for 16 days without getting any of their claims.

Therefore, it has returned to place the sector to sit down to negotiate. "I think we are on the right track now, once normality has returned," he said.

Speaking to TVE, collected by Europa Press, the regional leader believes that the "big mistake" of taxi drivers has been "pretend the disappearance of the opposite" instead of improving their conditions, in addition to "behavior in the strike, which has caused serious incidents, "and that has led them to" lose the battle with citizenship ".

I would have acted the same if I had been a candidate

Garrido has guaranteed that he would have acted exactly as he did before the conflict if he had been nominated as a candidate of the PP for the regional Presidency for next May's elections, by ensuring thatthe citizens "pay him equal from the first day he entered the lastand because he has to always work for the general interest. "

In this sense, he has recognized thathow easy it would have been to "take the problem and give the reason to the taxi drivers"and that the following one had found a problem "very serious of competitions of claims or of claims". However, he indicated that he has not done so because "in politics you have to work as if you were going to be the whole way."


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