July 4, 2020

Garralda, Forbes Award for Philanthropy, asks to incorporate social responsibility into the company's culture – La Provincia

The president ofMutua Madrileña Groupand of its Foundation,Ignacio Garralda, has claimed on Tuesday the incorporation of social responsibility as part of the culture and values ​​of the company to collect theForbes Spain Award for Philanthropy 2019for the social work he does.

Garralda has received the award fromIsidro Fainé, president of theLa Caixa Banking Foundation, at a gala held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Madrid which has been attended by numerous personalities from the Spanish business, cultural, economic and social sector.

During his thank-you speech, the president of Mutua Madrileña stressed that "affirming that an organization is socially responsible only for contributing tosocial causesis to stay on the surface. "

"If social responsibility is not part of the culture and values ​​of the company, the actions we take will not have enough consistency, so they will not last or be understood," he stressed.

In this regard, he has defended thatthe economic and social objectives "are not confronted, but connected". "Presenting the social sphere facing the economic one constitutes a false dichotomy, typical of an obsolete vision of the world," he said.

Since 2009, the Mutua Foundation works in four main areas of action: support for scientific research in health, social action, cultural dissemination and road safety.

Specifically, he has employed more than60 million euros that have served for the development of 1,400 medical research projectsaimed at the improvement of cancer treatment, rare diseases that affect childhood, traumatic injuries and their neurological sequelae and transplants.

In addition, aid for social action in support of disadvantaged groups, initiatives for the dissemination of culture and awareness programs for young people in road safety that Ignacio Garralda has promotedtogether they have benefited more than 1.4 million people.


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